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The three best alternatives to Google Trips for Android


Weeks ago it was announced that Google Trips would say goodbye to the market, something that happened earlier this August. Google did not seem satisfied with the popularity of the application, so that they have made the decision to eliminate it. Although recently we have seen how some of its functions will be integrated into Google Maps. Despite this, many users are forced to look for alternatives.

If this is your case, then we leave you with some alternatives to Google Trips to use on your Android phone. So you have access to functions similar to those offered by the Google application until it was removed. There are options that surely convince you in this field.


We start with TripIt, which is seen by many as the more direct alternative that we found currently to Google Trips. It is an application with which to plan all our trips and reservations in a simple, but very comfortable way. One of its advantages is that we can use it with all types of reservations: hotels, flights, rental cars, etc. With each reservation you will show us in a clear way the itinerary that we have to follow in this regard.

They will show us this information clearly. Further, They will help us organize everything in a simple way, how to remind us when we have to leave to arrive on time to the airport, or that we check-in our luggage for the trip, among others. It also sends us real-time alerts with information that is relevant. The application interface is easy to use, making it a great option.

The download of this alternative to Google Trips is free. In addition, we have access to all its functions without having to pay money for them. A great option, which is sure to be of great interest.


An old woman known in this field, but we can see how a good alternative to Google Trips to use on Android. It allows us to easily search for all kinds of information about the destination of our vacation. We can see information and opinions about hotels, restaurants or companies in the tourism sector. So that we can better choose the one that interests us in that case.

It also allows us to search for hotels and make reservations, which is another of those functions of interest to many users on Android. In addition to having a forum, where we can ask questions about sites in general or shops. So we have accurate information. We are also given the possibility to leave our opinions on the sites we have visited.

Another good alternative to Google Trips, which we can download for free on Android. In this case, the application has ads inside, although in general they are not too annoying, so we can use it without problems.


This application is born from a community of traveling bloggers, which offers us the most complete application. In his day he was born as a kind of travel guide, with ideas, tips and many destinations. Although it has been expanding and they give us more and more options and services, which allow us to plan our trips in the best possible way. Since having access to tips, experiences or tricks, we can make a better planning of the holidays.

In addition, it is possible to have access to promotions or discounts on your reservations. This is possible by posting photos, content or videos on your blog. This becomes a series of credits, which you can use later when making reservations. So you can also take advantage in this regard, if you find it interesting to participate in this community. You will also have access to the application forum.

The download of this Android application is completely free. Inside there are neither purchases nor ads of any kind, so it is presented as another good alternative to Google Trips in this regard, which insurance is of interest to many.

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