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The sixth beta of Android Q is now officially available

Android Q

Months ago it was revealed that a total of six Android Q betas would be launched. The time for this sixth beta of the new version of the operating system has arrived. This last beta has already been officially launched, so that it can already be installed on the devices. It leaves us with some news, but it is already a version that allows us to see very well how the final version of it will be.

The Google Pixel will be the first in having access to this new beta of Android Q. It is a matter of hours that this will happen for the phones, so we hope it can be updated as of tonight. They mostly fix bugs from the previous beta.

In this new beta of Android Q we already find the latest system image for the Pixel and Android Emulator. We also find the Final SDK of API 29, where we find the necessary tools to develop applications compatible with this version of the operating system. Which means that developers can get down to work.

Android Beta Q

Some failures are still present, although it seems nothing serious. So it is assumed that in the final version of the operating system, which should be official in a couple of weeks, all of them have been corrected. These are details that have to be polished at the moment, so Google has a job.

In this way, from today will be the Google Pixel the first to have access to this beta of Android Q officially. It is expected that other models will follow in a few days. Although in a couple of weeks we should have the stable version officially, at least its official announcement.

Google hasn't said anything so far. The company usually waits until a few days before to announce the new version of its operating system. Therefore, we will be attentive to news about the arrival of Android Q. At least, users can already have this sixth and final beta.

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