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The Samsung gaming streaming platform

Galaxy Note 10+ 5G

The presentation of the Galaxy Note 10 last week overshadowed any other novelty that Samsung left us. But we find some of much interest to users. Since among them, the Korean brand left us with PlayGalaxy Link, its own gaming streaming platform, which will be officially launched in September.

We are seeing how streaming games or platforms of this type gain presence, with Stadia leading the way. Samsung leaves us now with PlayGalaxy Link, which as they themselves have confirmed, will be officially launched from September, although it could depend on the market in agreement.

It will be the users with the Galaxy Note 10 first who have access. Thanks to PlayGalaxy Link they will be able to access games on your computer from the phone. So far, the company has not revealed too much about this project, although they leave us now with a video, where we can know more about its operation.

To make it work, the company will put at our disposal the download of an app on Android and Windows, which allows such synchronization. It is said that they have collaborated with Parsec to create a platform that stands out for a reduced response time when we play. In addition, it seems that It would be a totally free service.

Although Samsung is going to initially limit this PlayGalaxy Link to users who buy the Galaxy Note 10. But it is expected that later, in a few months, the compatibility with other phones will be expanded within the Korean brand catalog, but there are no names, dates or details for now.

Also, in the video we can see a controller that would be used in these Galaxy Note 10, to play PlayGalaxy Link. It is a controller of a brand called Glap, which seems to be compatible with this Samsung platform. In any case, we lack many details to know, so it is likely that these weeks we will know more.

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