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The resolution of the cameras will reach this year up to 100 MP

After the screen the photographic section of the smartphones is the one that lately tends to have high priority on the part of the manufacturers. The fact that we can take pictures wherever we are has made more and more people like this activity and, of course, this means that users become more demanding on the subject.

Infinity of sensors are around the industry today among which we see wide angle, telephoto or 3D sensors, but also the resolution has had an upgrade that allows you to take a photo with greater resolution to obtain more details by compressing it into a smaller one. This is what they have come to do the already quite seen 48 MP sensors, but can you go there further? It seems that this is what it is.

With information from MySmartPrice we have known that Qualcomm product manager Judd Heape, affirms the arrival of terminals with 64 cameras and up to 100 megapixels this year. We will have a race again to see which manufacturer will have the camera with the highest resolution. From the hand of this we also have to Processors such as Snapdragon 855, 845, 710, 675, 670 and 660 have updated their specifications to support sensors up to 192 megapixels.

From Tecnocat we cannot imagine a photo taken with one of these sensors How do you think the quality of detail would be? Assuming they used the same method as the 48 MP sensors. We read your opinion in the comment box.

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