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The news of the Google assistant begin to reach Android

In the opening presentation of the Google I / O 2019 much of the attention went to the Google Assistant. The evolution of this service was shown with a great increase in speed and with some new functions as we have told you.

Among these new features was the ability to create sites in our personal preferences so that we can tell the assistant that we want to go to a site and he will guide us.

Creating custom places

A few hours after this presentation this function has begun to reach some users, who have seen how in the Settings of the assistant, in the section of Personal Information, Your Sites, besides the two normal ones (Home and Work) they could put some new ones.

In the image above we see how the updated interface is, in the left zone, and how it is the old one, in the right zone.

After the update of the application we can create numerous places and give them the name we want. This will be the name we have to use in the voice commands of the assistant.

Climate, directions …

We can make all kinds of queries related to the places we establish, from the time you do them, how to get there or even create reminders that will skip us when the location of our smartphone detects that we have arrived there.

A good example would be to ask the assistant to remind us to make a call when we arrive at a destination.

This function It is an evolution that allows us to assign names to our family or partner to execute commands related to them, such as "Call Mom" ??or "Send a WhatsApp to my boyfriend."

At the moment there are few users who have this new function active, but hopefully it will reach everyone in the coming weeks.