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The interface of Disney Plus be as and its arrival in Mexico is not soon

Disney is one of the companies that have decided to collect their content from other streaming networks for some time now to bring their own called Disney +. Now after your purchase of Fox is finally finalized, we have more information about when it will arrive in the different regions of the world and even how to show off the platform.

The content that we can appreciate is from all the films and for having as are the classic princesses, going through Marvel, maybe one or another thing of Fox, National Geographic and Star Wars to mention a few. Apparently visually we will have something that gives an air similar to Netflix just look at the user screen Only with blue tones. This information has been disclosed by Bob Iger, current CEO of Disney to the Wall Street Journal.

The interface will also enjoy compatibility with several devices including Android and iOS smartphones, as well as computers and smart TVs. In the first year the company plans to fill its catalog with Up to 25 series and 10 movies or specials.

However, we will not see this soon at least it is our country, since although in North America, Asia and Eastern Europe it will arrive in early 2020, we will not have Latin America but until the first quarter of 2021. We will have to wait a long time. And are you going to pay for this service apart from others or do you plan to cancel any? Tell me your answer in the comment box, we are reading.

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