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The fun drawing game that combines puzzles and glasses of water

Not that we are passionate about casual games, but we do appreciate them for killing time when there are a couple of minutes of leisure. What is easier than starting a game and playing without having to follow instructions or tutorials? That's not surprising that games like Happy glass, a fun title that recently landed on Google Play.

On the one hand we have a scenario as simple as a sheet of paper; on the other a glass with expression that seeks fill up with water. How to get it? Drawing a line so that the liquid element falls from the mouth of the pipe to the glass. It seems simple, right? Well, as happens in all puzzle games, as screens progress the thing gets complicated.

Happy Glass, draw the smallest line to fill the glass of water

The fun drawing game that combines puzzles and glasses of water

It has no greater mystery, just draw a line to serve as a channel through which the water will circulate at the end of the line. If you have been on smartphones for a few years, it may remind you of the mythical mechanics Where’s my water, the crocodile that was looking for a bath and you had to free the way for the water to fall. Well, the goal is quite similar, but in Happy Glass you only have one chance: once you lift your finger from the screen the stroke will be created and the water will fall.

The game offers a succession of screens with obstacles that will grow in difficulty. As in most titles of this style, in Happy glass you must get the maximum number of stars out of the three possible. This is achieved with the length of the stroke: the longer you are, the more stars you will lose. Make it short and you will have all three.

The fun drawing game that combines puzzles and glasses of water

The game does not have much more, but not less. Coins are available with which to acquire advantages and also advertising. In addition, we can obtain coins by watching videos and spinning the roulette, so it is somewhat easier to speed up the experience without spending money.

Without complications, with the attractiveness of its simple graphics, the glass of water inspires tenderness, the puzzles are growing in difficulty … And at no time it becomes so difficult to abandon it, perhaps its simplicity is the biggest drawback of Happy Glass. Apart from the ads, of course.

Download Happy Glass now from the Google Play Store

This casual game that concerns us has no cost, so it is not necessary to disburse a penny to try it. Nor to advance through the screens: just draw and try to get the three stars. It has its grace and offers more fun than it seems.

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