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The first motorcycle made by a 3D printer (Nera) was created

Cover page The first motorcycle made by a 3D printer (Nera) was created

3D printing is one of the most innovative and useful aspects of recent times, with only digital modeling, the 3D printer is able to recreate almost any object in reality, from ornaments and toys, to tools and parts for vehicles.

The NOWlab laboratory saw this possibility and wasted no time to start manufacturing, or rather, printing, of something unique and incredible, NERA, the world's first e-bike (electric motorcycle) Made solely with 3D printing parts.

This motorcycle may have marked the future of the motorcycle industryCould 3D printing be the new motorcycle manufacturing method, replacing the current manufacturing techniques?

How was this amazing motorcycle manufactured?

Nera the first printed motorcycle 1.The creation of this vehicle is a dramatic change for the automotive industry.

The NERA is a motorcycle composed of fifteen different parts and an electric motor positioned on the back of it, similarly, it has a battery positioned right in the middle of the frame.

The most attractive aspect of it is that except for the wiring system and the chips it uses, the rest of the motorcycle has been printed in 3D, all from the frame, through the fork to the wheels

According to the online news platform, Noticias24, the main feature of the motorcycle is its great lightness, because the materials used for its assembly are extremely light.

Your tires are not pneumatic, which, according to the Betech web portal, means that the tires do not have an air chamber, in this way, the tires are much less likely to burst.

With these characteristics, it has been achieved that Nera be a perfectly functional motorcycle and salable to the publicHowever, it is currently in the prototype phase, so it may take a while until we find it in dealerships.

The attractive design of Nera

Nera the first printed motorcycle 2.The best thing about Nera is that it was not only created by a 3D printer, but its design turns out to be super attractive.

Aesthetically, one of the main features of Nera is its futuristic design, in charge of this, were Marco Cristofori and Maximilian Sednak, being Sednak a member of the NOWlab team.

In the first instance, the objective of the Nera motorcycle was to demonstrate the manufacturer's ability to creation of additive pneumatic compoundsHowever, NOWlab were encouraged to finish the design and manufacture the motorcycle in its entirety.

With NERA 3D printing, they have been able to demonstrate that a 3D printer It is perfectly capable of satisfying all manufacturing needs at industrial levelAt the same time, this feature provides a design freedom that is very difficult to match.

The vehicle weighs a total of sixty kilograms, which for a motorcycle, is nothing, its dimensions are also quite good, measuring 190x90x55, this added to the power of its electric motor, gives the pilot an extremely sporty driving.

According to the 3dNatives web portal, Daniel Bning, NOWlab member, comments that the NERA motorcycle exceeds the limits of technical creativity and change manufacturing technologies as we know them.