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The end of Apricity OS has come after a short existence

apricity os

Linux distributions can become very famous and have many users or however that is forgotten and can not be sustained. This is the case of Apricity OS, a young distribution that announced its first launch in mid-2016 and that unfortunately he has announced his disappearance.

And it is that as we can see in his GitHub of the project, this cessation of production is due to the lack of time on the part of the developers and their maintenance. It is what usually happens to these distributions that depend on the community And it doesn't have the necessary time.

Who sentenced Apricity OS?

And after this announcement, in Reddit a debate has been created which focuses on the causes of the cessation of the development of this distribution, and what has more ballots is that it has fallen before the two major distributions of ArchLinux, Antergos and Manjaro.

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<p><strong>Antergos</strong>: Basically it is Arch Linux, prepared and with a simple installation and a desktop configured by default. The community includes many modifications and they have their own repositories, but after all, almost 100% of the Arch Linux repositories are nourished.</p>
<p><strong>Manjaro</strong>: One of the Ubuntu-like distributions that tries to offer a less changing and much more stable distribution, to facilitate maintenance by the end user. It stands out for a small control panel at the administration level that facilitates the installation of drivers and kernel versions.</p>
<p>Faced with these two operating systems, Apricity OS did not have many survival opportunities in the world of Linux operating systems and more when <strong>you are not innovating or offering anything new</strong>.</p>
<p>What do you think of this decision of the developers of Apricity OS? <strong>Leave your comment</strong> with the possible causes that you can think of this news.</p>
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