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The best smart locks you can buy

Do you want to have your home protected without losing your style? Then, you should pay attention to this list with the best smart locks on the market.

A good smart lock should be a combination of security and convenience. While the most important thing is that you and your home are safe, they should also be simple to use. Fortunately, you can easily integrate many of the locks on this list with other smart home products, such as Apple HomeKit or Amazon Echo, and operate them through your phone.

As a security feature, Alexa does not allow you to open the door with just the voice, but it is known that Siri does it with an iPad that does not have an access code. That is something you should keep in mind: comfort should not be at the expense of security.

Here are some of the best smart locks and locks on the market, so you can take your safety to the 21st century and sleep peacefully.


August Smart Lock Third GenerationOur best selection
Nest X YaleThe best for Google Home
Yale Assure SLThe best for Apple Homekit
Schlage Smart Sense DeadboltWith the best voice assistant
August Smart Lock Third Generation + ConnectThe best for Airbnb


Our best choice

August Smart Lock Third Generation review bike

Why should you buy it?This lock is elegant, safe and easy to install and use.

Who is it for?For those who want a simple and uncomplicated installation and functionality.

Why do we choose August Smart Lock Third Generation?

This latest version of August Smart Lock has a lower cost than previous models and also has a new slimmer design. It fits on the inner side of your bolt, and includes a traditional twist to lock and unlock the door with your thumb.

The lock is thinner and taller than previous models, which works much better on doors with enamel panels. In addition, it is made of high quality materials and can support Wi-Fi, HomeKit, Bluetooth, Amazon Alexa and Z-Wave directly and without further settings.

Unlike its rivals, August's smart locks are installed on a standard deadlock inside the door, without replacing the existing one. That means you can use a traditional set of keys to unlock your old-fashioned door, or also use the August application, which is very well designed and easy to use. The time to install it takes approximately 15 minutes, if you have the right tools, and it is faster if you have another person to help you complete the installation.

Nest X Yale

The best lock for Google Home

best smart locks lock 2

Why should you buy it? You don't have to worry about losing your house key because Nest X Yale uses a keyboard and not a physical key.

Who is it for? LYou want a smart lock that works perfectly with Google Assistant.

Why do we choose the Nest X Yale?

This attractive smart lock is a product of Nest and Yale. An elegant touch screen keyboard replaces the old lock and key mechanism, and the outer frame comes in satin metal, bronze or polished brass.

The oval-shaped outer keyboard measures 4.59 inches tall by 2.59 inches wide, while the inner lock measures 7.03 inches tall by 2.78 inches wide. It has four AA batteries, which should last approximately one year before replacing them.

You only have to choose an access code (between four and eight digits) to unlock the door, and you can also use the application. In addition, the Nest X Yale has an automatic locking function that activates after a while and another for when you are away from home, which automatically locks the door. Google Home users can control it by voice.

In addition, you can check the status of your lock from the road, lock the door when you're not at home and add your lock commands to Google Routines.

The Nest X Yale is not the richest blocking in market functions. However, the features you have work well and are very well incorporated into a smart home of Google Assistant.


The most elegant lock

Yale Assure Lock SL review led off

Why should you buy it? This lock is elegant, attractive, easy to use and works well with your smart home devices

Who is it for?For those who want a functional and elegant-looking device at the door of their house.

Why do we choose Yale Assure SL?

No matter how intelligent they are: most people are not excited to have a lock on their door. After all, the locks must be functional and utilitarian, so they are often large and bulky. But the smart lock of Yale Assure SL is different. With its elegant and soft nix face and small size, it is an elegant device that everyone will admire every time they enter through the front door.

The lock is perfect for those looking for a simplified but elegant-looking door lock that, when combined with a network module, works with the configuration of your smart home. However, it is a bit expensive: $ 200 dollars. If you buy the module, it increases to $ 250 dollars.

The device comes in a brushed silver, polished brass or bronze bronze finish and features a numeric keypad that lights up when the lower left corner is pressed. The keyboard is easily visible in bright sunlight or on dark nights. When no one is dialing numbers, they disappear, and it is simply a shiny nix plate.


The best with voice assistant

Why should you buy it? Schlage is a 100-year-old company with an excellent reputation in hardware manufacturing.

Who is it for? Those who want solid hardware with voice assistant support.

Why do we choose Schlage Smart Sense Deadbolt?

Schlage has been around for quite some time, long before there was a smart lock. But now it has become one of the best smart lock manufacturers in the business and the Schlage Sense is a proof of that. This lock is not only a great piece of old-school hardware, but it is also a device that works well with Siri, Alexa and, soon, with Google Assistant.

In addition, it works with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa, so you can use your voice to lock the door. Although you will need the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi adapter to use the application, you don't have to pay a monthly fee to enjoy it.

You can create up to 30 unique access codes to program and use for a limited period of time or with a certain person. In general, the device is easy to configure and use.


The best lock for Airbnb

Why should you buy it? This lock comes with a Wi-Fi bridge that supports multiple connections and includes a well-designed application

Who is it for? For those looking for an integrated application that controls their blocking from anywhere.

Why do we choose the third generation of August Pro Smart Lock + Connect?

The August Smart Lock Pro is one of the most advanced smart locks on the market. Also, when it comes with August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, it can support HomeKit, Bluetooth and Z-Wave Plus connections. This quality allows the Pro to communicate with a large number of smart home devices and work in tandem. For example, you can turn your smart thermostat off when you leave home for work.

The device also includes automatic unlocking, smart phone control and virtual keys. A new function called DoorSense It comes with a sensor that can indicate when your door is open or closed, and even alerting you how long it has been open. As if that were not enough, it can also tell you if someone has forced it.

However, probably the best thing about this lock is the application, since it is easy to use. The app has a huge button that facilitates the blocking or unlocking of your door with a single touch. It is red when the door is locked, and green when it is open.

How do we test them?

Over the past few years, we have tested dozens of smart locks in our homes, and thus being able to verify how good their quality is and of course, how easy their installation is.

The first thing we consider is whether the device has a solid hardware that protects us. But we must also admit that we take into account if the lock has an attractive design. After all, who wants an ugly and clumsy lock on the door of his house?

Then we test the functionality. Does the device work as promised? Is it easy to use? Do you have a problem with connectivity? Do you have a backup for when the batteries run out or the Wi-Fi goes down? After all, staying outside your home is a big problem.

The last but no less important detail that we take into account is the application with which the device works Does the application work as promised? Is it easy to use? Does it work with the voice assistant? Can it work perfectly with smart residential centers?

To finish our tests, we take a hammer and try to break the lock. Well, we are not so drastic either, but at least, we let the locks resist the elements over time to make sure they are tamper proof, waterproof or any evidence they claim to be.

* Updated by Mara Teresa Lopes on July 24, 2019.

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