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The best places to fall for beginners in Fortnite for Android

Playing Fortnite for Android, we must fall into a specific location when we start the game. The thing is that the Fortnite map is quite large, and we must choose a location where to start loot, that is, collect weapons, armor, and so on. The point is that this is not as simple as it seems.

All locations are different from each other, and all have their advantages and disadvantages. We are not going to deny that part of the charm of this game is chance, and there will be times when you have to face as soon as you lower an enemy. Therefore, within the forecast, we will recommend 5 places where a beginner can fall and have some court.

They are "simple" sites, but not infallible

As we have said, in Fortnite the detail of chance plays an even more important asset. Why? Although these sites are easier for some players, it may be that the circle that determines the area is formed on the other side of the map, that they kill you as soon as you go down or that you don't find a weapon in time.

Therefore, keep in mind that these sites they will serve as a reference, but you will have to explore the entire map progressively to find out which one best suits a good start for you. In addition, another detail: although the chests and weapons are random (that is, their location and type are different in each game) they are often repeated, so you learn the maps.

Lethal Latifundio

The best places to fall for beginners in Fortnite for Android

Latifundio Lethal is a small farm, where there are "few" weapons and especially open spaces with few buildings. There are only a few large houses and stables, prone to great battles. Why is Latifundio so good to start with? Because although it is difficult to get weapons, it is also difficult for your enemies and having few constructions, it will be easy for you to aim.

In addition, the loot boxes are hidden and if you know their locations well, you can go quickly for them. In fact, hint: in the center of the Latifundio there are two steel columns that serve as deposits. If you break them, you may find a box. A simple place to practice and especially with many possibilities. Of course, there are not many materials to collect.

Lugubrious hills

The best places to fall for beginners in Fortnite for Android

We continue with Lugubrious hills, Fortnite Cemetery. Like Latifundio, it is a small place with few things to see, but with a subtle difference: it has a very good level of boxes and they are spread over accessible sites. It is not a place that everyone goes to, and above all, being closed spaces you can kill your enemies easily.

You can take good weapons in a short space of time, and you won't have much trouble killing your enemies in those small spaces. Also, being a gray and lifeless space, if you see something moving you will see it quickly and you can hit it. A satisfactory site where you can advance properly in Fortnite for Android.

Howling Mall

The best places to fall for beginners in Fortnite for Android

We are already reaching the end, and we could not forget from Alameda Aullante. A space similar to Balsa Botín, since the center, the "chicha", is a small box in the middle of a forest. The main problem with this site is that we will have to go very fast to get weapons. The advantage? There are few weapons, and with two times we go we will take a couple of weapons and we can defeat enemies easily.

Being a small garden, with a shotgun or a submachine gun we can easily defeat our rivals. You can hide if you need it, and if you are victorious, You have a huge forest to get wood and hide. A great place to learn to sneak away from the troubles. In Fortnite for Android You will need a lot, a LOT of wood.

Tomato Village

The best places to fall for beginners in Fortnite for Android

We ended up with a place to which I have special affection: Tomato people. This site is the most complicated to handle of all, since it has literally 1 house, 1 establishment and a gas station, with few weapons. Why do I put it on the list then? Because it is ideal for short distance contact.

You will fall, you will get a weapon and you will have to face a friend yes or yes, since people always fall (the charm of Pueblo Tomato, friends). The house on the left of the town is usually never looted, and that will allow you to take up rapid weapons to face the enemies of Tomato. He will train you in combat, you will have fun and get weapons.

Because as I always tell a friend: Pueblo Tomate is the world reference center of Fortnite.

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