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The best hand blenders for easy cooking at home

You may not use it daily, but in any kitchen you need a tool to mix ingredients effortlessly. There are many options and models, for all needs. But if you prefer one that you can store in a closet or in a large drawer, read on because, next, we tell you what are the best hand blenders with which to prepare sauces and all kinds of dough very easily.


best hand blenders

This hand mixer is one of the most intuitive on the market. It has an intelligent interface, capable of detecting what type of accessory you are using, and adjusting the speed accordingly to ensure that everything you are mixing fits perfectly. The 240-watt DC motor is relatively quiet when used at the lowest speeds.

The Breville blender also has attached stipules, so mix to the edges of the bowl without making unpleasant noises. It has a built-in timer that helps you prepare recipes that require precise mixing times. There is also a built-in light to see the ingredients more clearly, even when you are in a poorly lit kitchen.


best hand blenders

This portable version of the popular KitchenAid stand mixer has nine impressive speeds, allowing you to easily mix large ingredients with slow or liquid movements quickly. The basic speed is perfect for mixing food with pieces, while the highest is ideal for whipping meringue. It is among the best hand blenders and is well known for being easy to use, as it has the Soft Start function that gradually starts the selected speed to help minimize splashing.

If the cable gets in your way when you cook, you can keep it attached to the left or right of the mixer, allowing you maximum control of the angle, regardless of the recipe you are preparing. In addition, you can quickly remove any accessory from the mixer simply by pressing a button with one hand, which is very useful when one of your hands is dirty with the dough and you need to change the accessories.


best hand blenders

What immediately distinguishes this hand mixer from others? It comes with a case that fits the mixer and closes under pressure to store all accessories in one place. It comes with rods, a kitchen mixer, dough hooks and a spatula, so you'll have almost all the accessories you need to mix in the kitchen. The mixer has nine different speed settings, three of which offer a soft start function to prevent splashing. You can easily adjust the speeds while using it thanks to the one-touch speed control.

This Cuisinart mixer also comes with a three-year warranty, so you can be sure you're protected if something goes wrong. In addition, you can use the included recipe book to try different dishes or choose one of the thousands of online recipes that need to be mixed (we start with a delicious meringue cake).


best hand blenders

This affordable manual mixer is perfect for those who are starting to cook or bake, or for college students who need a mixer that all roommates will probably end up sharing. The Hamilton Beach hand blender comes with a box that fits the device and includes easy access. It also has a boost function in the slower speed setting, which offers more control over the mixing process.

A burst button will also make the mixer quickly reach its maximum power of 290 watts, if you need this type of movement to mix particularly difficult ingredients. The blender comes with six accessories: different rods, one for making doughs, another for shakes and a blender. So you can easily mix the ingredients for almost any recipe you can think of. You can eject the accessories just by pressing a button.


best hand blenders

This economical Black + Decker manual mixer has five speeds and different powers. The 175-watt motor makes it perfect for mixing batters, sauces and doughs. It offers an ergonomic grip for comfortable use and the heel of the blender is designed to rest vertically on the countertop or rest on the edge of the bowl. The durable rods are also removable and can be washed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. The blender includes a two-year warranty, which makes it affordable and reliable.

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