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The best gardener applications to grow whatever you want

It doesn't matter if you have magical hands to grow plants or are a mess with the orchards, the best gardener applications can help you maintain beautiful gardens, grow fresh food or become a brilliant botanist. Even if you live in an apartment, you have many great alternatives for interior gardens.

Best gardener applicationsWe collect the best gardener applications

Here is a list of the best gardener applications that will help you identify plants, get expert advice, deal with pests, plan a garden from scratch or simply share your achievements with your friends. You can also check our suggestions of the best Android applications and the best iPhone applications, in addition to our guide on how to grow herbs indoors.

Garden tags

This popular application is home to a large community of gardeners that offer care advice, identification help and practical advice. You can keep a daily photographic record of your garden and set up reminders about pruning or tips on the best places for growth. You can also search the encyclopedia, see what is popular and follow other users when you find plants and gardens that you like.

In addition, it has a plant recognition function to help you quickly identify plants. Simply point Garden Tags to a flower or leaf and select Identify and add plant, and the application find your name. The application also updated its privacy and communication settings, to adjust your gardening tasks according to the weather. Premium users, with monthly, six-month or annual plans, can change the season or frequency of their care tasks.

Android IOS

Moon & garden

Moon & Garden has a unique lunar approach to plant and harvest fruits, vegetables and herbs in your garden. With a biodynamic method, the application is based on the moon phases to inform you of the actions you can take to take care of your garden the next day. The application approaches from a perspective in which the plants depend on the lunar phases to sow, replant and harvest successfully, according to the type of fruit, flower or grass you have. The application shows not only the current phase of the moon and the zodiac sign, but also the weather forecast to determine the optimal conditions. It also allows you to schedule gardener tasks with its reminder function and share your images with other Moon & Garden users, through the function Community. The application is free, but for 99 cents you can deactivate the ads.



GrowIt! It allows you to integrate into an enthusiastic community of gardeners and find inspiration, gather information and share your own crops. This application is good if you want to know which plants will grow well in the place where you live. You will also find useful tips cataloged in projects or you can add yours. You can even ask the community to help you identify specific plants and rate other people's gardens or find ideas among the most beautiful. With its latest updates, you can now ask with images to facilitate identification, share a plant card, browse another user's profile and get updated search results, improved maps and more.


Garden Answers plant identifier

With the Garden Answers plant identifier you can take a picture of the plant you want to find and send it to the application experts to find out what it is. It can automatically recognize more than 20,000 plants and if it is not possible, you can pay $ 2 dollars to be done by an expert botanist and give you additional information and advice about your care. This application also identifies pests and has a solid section of questions and answers, which covers more than 200,000 common queries. With its latest updates, you can share your questions with the Garden Answers community, in addition to the simplified identification and access the service without advertising, among others. Thanks to the new plant recognition technology, it promises immediate responses.



Gardenize helps you keep track of all the plants in your garden and offers information on how to care for them, including location, crop rotation and annual monitoring of your crops. You can save notes and photos in one place. A news feed will give you a perspective on how to keep your garden healthy. The different sections specialize in plants, types of flower beds or raised beds, and tasks such as irrigation, fertilization or harvest. You can document the growth of your plant, from the seed to its full development, keep track of the condition of the soil and the duration of sunlight. You can create a public or private account for your friends to follow you or search gardens around the world. The application is free, but if you want to export or download your information, you can pay to export up to 30 PDF files, spreadsheets or photo galleries.



This application, previously called PlantSnapp, has a huge library of plants, but its main attraction is the ability to take a picture of a plant (or a pest) and have an expert gardener identify it. SmartPlant also allows you to add plants to the application and generate a calendar, which will send you reminders about what you should do every month to keep your plants healthy. The possibility of connecting with experts is a premium feature, but you get some for free by downloading the application as well as monthly, so you can connect with experts even without having a monthly, quarterly or annual premium account. SmartPlant has partnered with several suppliers, so if you scan the plant's bar codes at any of its retail partners, you can get all kinds of benefits such as monthly attention or a free trial of the premium membership, and more.

Android IOS

Gardenate ($ 1)

If you are looking for a simple calendar to plant vegetables, along with a variety of practical tips, you should check Gardenate. With this application, you can plan your gardening tasks, establish a schedule, access detailed information about different vegetables and use the tab Plant now to see what to harvest every month. The application offers details to grow almost 100 vegetables, with specific planting information for the USA. USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom. All information is on your phone, so you do not need an Internet connection while using the application. It is minimalist, so it is a simple alternative to other applications of gardener type social networks. Function Share your garden It allows you to synchronize information and notes with phones and tablets.


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