The best gadgets to sleep and get a good night's sleep

The best gadgets to sleep and get a good night's sleep

More than a third of Americans don't sleep well, according to a 2016 report from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and that's a problem. In the modern world, many things interfere with your dream, among others, the relentless need to raise your smart phone to verify your social networks or find a fun post to post on Reddit. But just as technology can interfere with your sleep, the best sleeping gadgets offer you some alternatives to recover it.

Remember that lack of sleep affects mood, but it also involves a number of health problems, increasing the risks of diabetes, obesity and even heart disease, among others. And if you or your partner snores, it is likely that none are sleeping well. That is why we have compiled some useful devices that can help you have a good night's sleep.

The best sleeping gadgets are designed to give you information about the duration and / or quality of your dream. Although you probably do not need a device to tell you if you are tired, the data will let you know precisely how many hours of sleep you are missing.


Best sleeping gadgetsBest sleeping gadgets | Sleep Number 360 p5

Any discussion about the dream should begin with the basis of a good rest: the column. In addition to comfort, today they can also provide you with information based on data about your dream.

The Sleep Number 360 p5, which was tested by Digital Trends in 2018, allows you to adjust any side of the bed to the softness or firmness that anyone who sleeps there prefers, as well as tracking data on how much they moved, among other data.

“The foam structure gives it a pleasant and consistent structure without the bulges or bumps of a spring-loaded column. Those who prefer a pillow will be disappointed, because even the softer environment lacks the spongy sensation of a pillow, but satisfies most people, ”says Matt Smith of Digital Trends

Blue light vs. Red light

The human body is a machine and has schedules, specifically, a cycle of approximately 24 hours, called circadian rhythm. Humans evolved to take advantage of daylight and rest at night, so that when it gets dark, they produce melatonin to fall asleep.

Before the arrival of electricity, it was easy to comply, but it is much more difficult. Watching Netflix on your computer or browsing Instagram on your phone may seem harmless, but those screens emit a blue light that tricks your body into thinking it is still bad, suppressing melatonin.

The safest way to prevent light from affecting your circadian rhythm is to avoid it completely. But that can be difficult. However, some of the best sleeping gadgets can help you. If you need to use your computer before bedtime, glasses that filter blue light reduce the impact of LED screens on the circadian rhythm, according to a 2015 Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine study.

Although blue light affects your ability to sleep, studies have shown that red light can improve it. Evala equip your rooms with red lights, so that when you should get up at night, do not wake up too much to your body.

Don't snore anymore

The best sleeping gadgets | Nora Snoring The best sleeping gadgets | Nora Snoring

If you or your partner snores like a freight train, it is likely that none are sleeping well. There are many products that promise to help you with this problem, but Nora, an intelligent solution for snoring, claims to be above the rest. At least, it doesn't include funny looking tubes and masks.

The system has a wireless microphone, which is located on the night table of the snorer, an air pump and an inflatable device that is placed under the pillow. When you start snoring, Nora gently shakes her head so you stop before waking your partner. The slight movement in your head stimulates the muscles of the neck and throat, and opens the airways so you can breathe again.

White noise and relaxing sounds

Few things ruin sleep like noise. Whether it's a neighbor with loud music or the cars that drive through the streets, noise can cost you valuable hours of rest. Many people use white noise machines, which produce constant sound at different frequencies and mask other noises. A machine like LectroFan can help you hide annoying sounds and ensure a better night's sleep.

Some people enjoy some noise before bedtime, but relaxing sounds, such as the ocean or the hoot of the owls. If you prefer to fall asleep with a soft ambient noise, there are a number of applications available.

The popular Headspace meditation application includes a series of sleepcasts, which have an ambient sound and soft voices to help you sleep. Topics include rainy weather, a night on the beach and a midnight laundress, among others. In addition to Headspace, there are many other applications for sleeping, including Sleepo and Relax Melodies.