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The best applications to free up space on your Android

Mobile phones have been increasing their storage progressively until we find the 64 GB as a standard measure in the midrange. This capacity allows an adequate use of Android, but those who have to suffer smartphones with more fair storage must hurry the MB to the maximum in order to update the system, applications or to download new apps.

Few solutions exist to be limited by phone space beyond renew mobile or rely on an SD card to extend device storage or use it to save music and videos. A third solution is to use the right apps to decrease the space consumed by the smartphone; earning with it in storage. Of course, you have to be very careful with these apps since many abuse permits or, directly, they end up occupying more space than they would have to free.

For the task at hand we have chosen our favorite applications for free space on Android. If you didn't know them, it's time to give them a chance, even if you have plenty of storage on your device: you never know when you'll have to use them.

Google Files

The best applications to free up space on your Android

It is our header application and the first we recommend to free up space on any Android smartphone. It is universal, 100% secure, does not abuse permissions and will not only take you away from worries with storage limitations, you will also get a good set of tools in return. As the option of share any file with your friends, whether photos as videos or applications.

With Google Files You will have several tips to free up space on your mobile. Effortlessly and safely as you will always confirm the steps; and Files will explain to you what the files are to be deleted and what is the application that saved them. Junk files, all the multimedia elements that insists on saving WhatsApp … Files is an almost obligatory application in any mobile. And without advertising or purchases within the application, of course.

Google Photos

The best applications to free up space on your Android

One of the elements that occupies more space in any smartphone are the photos, also the videos. Since we save tons of multimedia content created by ourselves, and that content takes up a lot, deleting it allows you to free up storage. Although yes, always safely since we do not want you to run out of your memories immortalized in image.

With Google Photos Not only can you delete image files that you don't want to keep (screenshots, for example), you can also have your own cloud backup to eliminate all the videos and photos of the mobile without ever losing anything. Storage in Google Photos it's unlimited If you use your high quality upload, you should not worry about anything. It is one of our key recommendations.

Norton Clean

The best applications to free up space on your Android

Are you looking for an application that, in addition to freeing up space by deleting files, also allows you to empty other items, such as cache memory or heavy applications? Norton Clean It is our recommendation. It is a safe, powerful and very useful app for the task we are looking for, that you do not run out of storage on your smartphone.

Norton Clean It is extremely simple to use because, as soon as you start it, it will tell you the amount of «junk files»That you can remove along with the space you are going to save. You can also uninstall applications and optimize memory, all safely and without advertising.

Tips to free up space on your mobile safely

With the three previous apps you have more than enough to free up space on your Android, but you also don't need applications for the task: you can get it manually and with common sense. Of course, have several considerations:

  • Never trust the applications that promise you to free up space. There are many apps that abuse users' trust to steal personal data and flood advertising, so never trust them. The ones that we have proposed in this article are safe and will help you for what you are looking for.
  • Find the space liberator of your mobile. There are many brands that have a space release service, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor … Look in your mobile settings, in «Storage». An installed app may also come or the option found under "Device care".
  • Remove unused applications and "just in case". It is something very obvious, but it should be reiterated: do not have mercy with the apps and games you do not use, also with all the applications you save in case you need them one day. You will free up a lot of space and, if you have to use them, you just need to download them again.
  • Frequently clean WhatsApp photo folder, Telegram… Messaging applications save everything they send you, so imagine the "garbage" that can accumulate there. Emptying the folder where photos and videos are stored is a good measure to free up space.
  • Use an SD card if your phone is compatible. Move the photo gallery to the SD so that the camera saves all the captures there, it also moves the series, movies and music that you usually play inside a folder in the SD. You will save a lot of space.

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