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The ATH-ANC500 Audio-Technica give you good audio quality

technica ath-anc500bt audio headphones

Review of the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC500

"Active noise cancellation, quality sound and autonomous for many hours for a reasonable price."

  • Quality sound

  • Decent active noise cancellation

  • Autonomous

  • They can bother with prolonged use

  • They are not manageable when traveling

Headphones or headphones, because of their size and volume, are not the most comfortable to travel or move in your day. For that there are already the button type (in-ear). But when your priority is the sound experience and not the portability, it is clear that there is no better option. And in this sense, in general, those that offer audio richer in nuances are those that cover your entire ear. We have analyzed for you the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC500BT that fit into this class of headphones. With them you will be able to cancel the outside sound, for a reasonable price and with the sound quality that is expected in a manufacturer specialized in professional audio.


Audio-Technica ATH-ANC500BT wireless headphones maintain the most common aesthetics of the Japanese manufacturer, known especially in the professional field precisely because of the circumaural devices (which cover your entire ear). In sight you will not be caught by its elegance, but rather by its quality finish and its discreet and robust appearance.

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They are made of matte plastic, a resistant material that, at the same time, brings lightness. Inside the band of the headband incorporates a soft synthetic leather pad to relieve pressure on the upper part of the skull. This adjustable band fits both small and large heads. The foam pads that protect the ears are covered with the same cozy material. Although they are light and their adjustment comfortable, in our tests, after continuous use, the ears suffered, causing mild pain. In the first moments, we felt too much pressure in the head, although with the use they gained slack and, therefore, comfort.

Being a model that completely covers the ear, this helps sound insulation.

On the right earphone are the buttons to turn them on and off and control music playback, manage calls and adjust the volume. In the same place the USB port is integrated to recharge the battery and the connector to use them with cable (both cables are included in the box).

The ATH-ANC500BT Audio-Technica is not fully foldable like other models. Simply, the headphones rotate 180 degrees and remain flat. This makes it easy to store them in a backpack or large bag, although it is not the ideal system if you travel or travel frequently.


The audio provided by this model does not disappoint you. It offers a clear sound, and also some very loud bass, something that everyone does not like and that gives it a power that has convinced us. If you are looking for headphones that mask ambient noise, consider this model, as it has active noise cancellation technology and large pads that provide decent insulation, especially considering the price price of $ 99 dollars.



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Listening to music or watching series, you will not listen to people close to you, or the TV. If you want a medium noise cancellation, you will fit this model. For more efficient and adjustable insulation, you will need to invest in a high-end model (for example, the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC900BT, which costs $ 299 euros).

In sight you will not be caught by its elegance, but rather by its quality finish and its discreet and robust appearance.


The ATH-ANC500BT Audio-Technica works with bluetooth, so it connects very easily to the cell phone or any other device with this technology. Your battery gives for 20 hours of uninterrupted music, as expected for this price. And if they leave you lying down, it is always possible to connect them to the device with the 3.5 mm Jack cable.


Being a model that completely covers the ear, this helps sound insulation. However, this feature makes them too bulky, both to carry them comfortably for many hours and to travel, since they do not fold, but simply flatten by turning the pads. We recommend them for professionals and those who wish to obtain isolation from the outside world at home or in the office.

Its design is not suitable for those who want to go to the latest fashion. Nor for those who want small and lightweight headband headphones to store them more easily on trips. For these needs, opt for ones that rest on the ear (known as supraural) that cover only a part of the ear and are manageable despite being headband, and are sold in very attractive colorful colors. If your priority is the cancellation of ambient noise and audio quality, consider your purchase.

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