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The application of the Xiaomi Mi Band is updated with a new interface

Xiaomi is a brand that has products with excellent value for money. But in addition to that reason there is another reason why many buy their devices: their ecosystem. Part of it is created around the software, its applications, which connect with clocks, mobiles, home automation devices and much more.

One of the most important apps is Mi Fit, the app that controls the Xiaomi Mi Band as well as other wearables of the company. Today it has been updated in the Google Play Store with a complete redesign of the interface and supporting more exercises.

Cleaner interface with more options

The first thing that attracts attention when opening the new application is that the loading screen is orange. When it opens completely we see that we have three main blocks, each with a series of cards with data.

  • Activity: Here we have all the data of our day to day, from the steps to the weight through the dream.
  • Friends: Friends gain relevance and have their own tab. It seems that Xiaomi wants to strengthen this section, perhaps seeing how well Apple has done with the Apple Watch.
  • Profile: All app and device configuration settings are shown here.

More exercises for the Xiaomi Mi Band

In addition to the interface, the app has been updated to support more types of exercises, so that we can count our caloric expenditure not only when we run, but also when we ride a bike …

Now outdoor exercises they will use the mobile's GPS to create a movement path and we can modify the parameters of each exercise.

If you want to use the new app you just have to update it in the Google Play Store. Further, the firmware of your smart bracelet will be updated to be able to work correctly with the application.

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