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Thank you very much and goodbye!

Thank you very much and goodbye!

Since the first article I published on the blog on July 18, 2014, it has been practically four years. Four years where we have been able to see all kinds of general tips, tricks, optimization tools, safety tips, an endless collection of Windows related articles and also some of Linux and even Android.

Constancy is a virtue, and that is why in total It has been 1,467 articles that I have published for all of you, achieving that every day, day after day, year after year, we have been able to share this great universe of technology and operating systems, our great passion and the passion we have been trying to convey to you.

For so long we have tried to be up to date, but without neglecting the spirit with the nation this blog, whose goal was always to show the most used software, the most popular but also the most unknown and alternative to large firms, trying to always look for free options, something that has not always been possible.

Thank you very much and goodbye!

But the day has come to say goodbye, a goodbye that we would have liked to go further, but that the obligations of the blog publishing market have forced, so since today Rooting will not be updated with new content, but always record this huge knowledge database that we have been creating together and that undoubtedly gives solution to an infinite number of problems of the day that occur to any user of this operating system.

I'm not leaving with sorrow or sadness I leave with the pride of being able to participate in this project, of having been able to create a small gap in the time of millions of users who have followed the daily publications, having been given day after day here for 4 years and with the gratitude that one lives in my profession, especially when you help someone with some problem.

I didn't want to say goodbye without thanking Sandra for her patience all these years, who has always understood that This blog has always been a bit of me and that is why he has robbed me of hours of sleep and free time, also Jordi, who gave me the opportunity and confidence to start on this project and who very recently has been a father, congratulations Jordi, you will be a great father!

And finally thank you all, to our readers of the day, to the occasional readers, to those who every day expected a new article and also to those who had found us when looking for the solution to a problem, to all,

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