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Terraria will be updated to 1.3 redesigned for mobile on August 26

If you are a fan of this great sandbox called Terraria where you can almost do everything, get ready to receive version 1.3 which brings with it a complete redesign for mobile phones to adapt to touch screens and fully enjoy the game created by Re-Logic.

Already in a video published a few days ago it was left in mystery what is an optimized Terraria completely for mobiles with some controls that we have not been able to enjoy in the previous versions; a game that we have already had for years in Android and that in PC is a legend.

The enigmatic video

Days ago we could see a video of Terraria for Android that left us perplexed for a single reason: its interface was totally new; Come on, it seemed like another game. In fact, the video is called "Mobile Terraria: An Enigma."

What first surprises in that video is the huge difference between the control interface between the version we currently have on Android, and that is a mere copy of the game for PC with the toolbar located at the top with the rest of the elements, and the one that will be when on August 27 Terraria is updated for mobile.

Terraria 1.3

In version 1.3 we have a dedicated mobile interface with a stick control on the left, such as PUBG Mobile, with several shortcuts and what would be the trigger, jump and more buttons on the right side. That is, we can play with our two little hands to be the sea of ​​skilled when we dig, build and explore the magical world of Terraria.

Terraria previous version

The previous version of Terraria for Android

The rest of the elements they are the different objects and weapons that we can have in the toolbar located in the upper left, the lives on the right and what would be valuable information such as the clock and certain data that can come in handy to place us in a world that is randomly generated as we explore it! Come on you have been cured!

August 27 is the big day

Re-Logic has not yet published all the changes that will arrive in version 1.3, although it has given some clues about the interface and that you already know. They have also shared the recommended specifications to play on Android:

  • Android 4.3 or higher
  • Open GL ES 3.0
  • 1.5 GB or more of RAM

The minimum required are:

  • Android 4.3 or higher
  • Open GL ES 3.0
  • 1 GB of RAM.


Needless to say, all the content that will arrive in version 1.3 of Terraria will be free for those of you who have this great game of Re-Logic. If you have it out there with a lot of dust, you can already get the idea that you are going to have a Terraria ready for mobile phones to enjoy all the lost mobile experience compared to the PC version.

A title that is still developed by its developers and that promises a lot of fun with more content that will appear over the months. Being a sandbox allows updates to advance the experience itself and give the player new modes and mechanics to enjoy his favorite game; a bit as it has happened to Minecraft that over time has come to have oceans with all that entails. In fact we are waiting for the arrival of Minecraft Earth, a new title of Mojang in which it is mixed with the Augmented Reality type Pokémon GO, although with some more things.

Siendor Terraria fans, we are already counting the few days left to recreate a world and enjoy one of the best sandbox we have available for our Android phones. And if for any reason you did not know this game, go preparing the more than 5 euros that it costs with all the content through a payment and without additional cost. As it should be with everyone.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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