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Stick Cricket Live is a casual online multiplayer sport

Stick Cricket Live is a new game for Android and that comes from a prolific video game studio in this type of sport. A sport in which India is the country that reigns and has its many fans around the world. Hence, Sitck Sports is dedicated to the expansion of this sport through mobile games.

As we have said, it is not the first nor will it be the last of this study that has managed to bring the spirit of a sport in which to give good to the ball, like baseball, is the quintessence of the matches. In fact, being a casual, our goal will be to hit the ball well with our stick in order to win many meters and more points for our team.

Cricket as a national sport in India

If these are the national sport soccer, in other countries like in india it is cricket. A sport in which we have a batter and pitcher to become the main protagonists of the games. In our mobile they will be the same the protagonists so that we are the ones who hit the ball well.


That is, when facing a casual like Stick Cricket Live, our mission will be press at the right time in one or another side of the screen. That is, if we observe that the pitcher throws the ball to the left, according to our perspective, we will have to make use of the left side to hit the ball at the right time and it reaches its maximum trajectory and reach.

In fact it is the basis of the games of a casual that presents some very important characteristics. What else we like is the animation of the batter so that it becomes so real that it seems that we have it right there waiting for the coup de grace and thus grant the team a good amount of points.

Multiplayer in Stick Cricket Live

Stick Cricket Live is a game mainly multiplayer and in which we will face other players online. In other words, you will have to go to the game base to face a multitude of players who will want to be the best on the planet; as long as we leave them.

Stick Cricket Live on Android

We are not experts in this sport, but from what we can get from the Stick Cricket Live page in the Google Play Store, we understand that there is a good variety of shooting We will learn. At the beginning they are the basics, but as we progress we will find that some pitchers are a little devilish. It will not be the typical direct hit, but there will be curves and more.

Another objective is to know the world and unlock that great variety of stadiums in which we can demonstrate our art by hitting the ball. As in baseball, if we are able to send it to the amphitheater, we will get the maximum amount of points, so be alert to demonstrate our ability and worth.

Choose your country, your name and more

In Stick Cricket Live we can update our batter, give it a name and even change its appearance. If we cure it we can unlock new characters and those kit designs by winning trophies. We are facing a freemium game, so you can wait for micropayments to reach all those kits and other elements.

Stick Cricket Live on Android

Technically it is a game well achieved in which the animations should be highlighted of hitters and pitchers. The sound also accompanies it to turn it into a round game that stands out for those touches of quality in certain elements.

Stick Cricket Live is a multiplayer game of the king sport in India and that comes to Android with the desire to popularize a sport that is unknown a lot. If you want something new and out of the ordinary, don't hesitate to download it, since you have it for free from the Play Store. Don't miss this baseball.

Editor's Opinion

Stick Cricket Live

  • Editor rating
  • 3 star rating


  • The character's animations
  • Variety of stadiums


  • It lacks some quality in the environment

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