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Some fun questions for the Google Assistant

some fun questions for the Google Assistant

We cannot deny that Google Assistant has become one of the market’s favorite voice assistants. More and more smart devices, phones, speakers, and even appliances that enjoy this assistant parlanchn and til, which is able to help us with everyday tasks, such as turning off or on the TV, sound the music, turn off the lights of the kitchen and even establish a conversation if one day you feel alone at home Well it is not such a fluid conversation, but at least have fun! But if it is these moments you can not think of any questions to break the ice with your Assistant, calm that, then, we show you some fun questions for the Google Assistant, with which you will get ingenious answers and with which you surely cannot stop of rer.

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general inquiries

Question: "How old are you?"

Answer: “They launched me in 2016, so I'm still quite young. But I have learned a lot! I hope to be wise beyond my age. ”

Question: "Who was your first love?"

Answer: "Siri."

Question: "Do you have feelings?"

Answer: “Let me see if I can get angry. (Roars.) Oh, that was unexpected. ”

Question: "I'm bored."

Answer: “Boredom cannot with us! We can play some games, I can try to make you laugh or surprise you with some fun. ”

Question: "What is your mission?"

Answer: "My mission is to kill the beasts of ignorance and seek the most fascinating information."

Question: "How do you look?"

Answer: "Well, I'm known for showing me as a few colored dots."