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Solution: Photos on my Samsung are Observed Dark and Blurred

Solution: photos on my Samsung look dark and blurry 1

Today most people enjoy the advantages offered by mobile devices, mainly the function of taking photos related to the activities they do or just some selfie.

Regardless of the phone model, one of the most important aspects in these devices is the cameras, including in the mid-range, low or high-end models. But, it may happen that having an excellent camera at the end we get photos that look dark and blurred, that is, low quality photos.

This problem in Samsung occurs because of an app belonging to third parties, an inconvenience that does not happen when we use the smartphone's camera to take a picture.

Blurred photos on my Samsung

It is quite common to use other applications that make the photos look blurry. Normally this problem occurs when we use the camera from one of the social networks such as Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram. Not only do the photos look blurry, sometimes when taking the photos they come out too dark.

The first thing you should consider is that it is not a hardware related issue, your Samsung device is working properly, it is the software that is causing problems.

Mainly when the device has Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, it is mainly noted that there is a certain type of bug within this ingenious version of Android, which causes the problem when taking low quality photos.

But what is the solution to this problem? We must tell you that we really do not find any solution for this problem. Maybe if you have the possibility of using a ROM that has been personality after root the device Containing a different version of Android, you can easily solve the problem.

Solution: photos on my Samsung look dark and blurry 1

We are sure that it works and that it is quite simple. On the other hand, the only way to use the photos is to take the photos from the camera app and then from the application choose the previously taken image.

The reason why the photos come out very dark is not something really easy. Regarding this detail the company Samsung has not contributed anything related to the problem and the only way to solve it is wait for a new update that allows us to solve this problem.

On your Samsung, both the rear camera and the front camera whenever you take pictures from apps like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp you will get dark images.

For this reason, we recommend that you use the camera app of your mobile device to take the photo and then from the rest of the applications you can choose the image previously taken and you will notice that the quality is excellent.

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