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Sole Light is a daring and difficult puzzle in a different world

Sole Light is a new puzzle for your Android mobile in which you have to handle both the main character and his clone. You will have to solve those puzzles to continue to the next level and thus discover all the surprises that await you.

A dystopian world where you find your backpack and that ungainly hair that lets you intuit some of the solutions to the complicated puzzles that you will find. A title with an isometric view and that boasts an exquisite touch in some aspects as with its soundtrack.

Not one step back in Sole Light

Sole Light is characterized by the movement of blocks to activate various mechanisms and thus break through the path It will help you complete the level. If we have that every step you take will eliminate the block left behind, you will not have the option to find another way to follow your path. That is, you will have to start over from the last saved point.

Sole Light on Android

This gives a point of difficulty greater than Sole Light and that you think about all the movements you make. Anyway, with that you take a little time you will discover the possible exit in first levels that are not easy at all. You are not facing so many puzzles in which you have to complete dozens of levels until you start to find some difficulty.

Here you will have it almost from the first moment. A move you will get through a gesture of direction and another maintained to keep pushing that rock that prevents you from following your journey. But not everything is here, you will have several clones throughout your adventure that will move just like the main character.

Move your clone to complete the level

We say that if you move forward, the clone will make the same move where it is. That is to say, you will have to foresee each movement well and try to match them so that one or the other blocks move in unison. In fact you will have to devise them so that in some moments you use the principal or the clone. And this is where another of the difficulties of these convoluted levels of Sole Light is found.

Sole Light is in beta, so possibly subject to change and the arrival of new levels. In fact, these levels usually have a history that allows us to discover the mysteries that are faced with that dystopian world in which we find ourselves and that give a tip to all the experience offered by this new Android game.

That said, it is the developers themselves who warn that there is a message and background story We have to discover. Not only will it be to complete levels and finish it, but it has its own charm to discover the end of our protagonist.

A game with an exquisite touch

With the isometric view the developers have loved usor give that perspective that allows us to find quick solutions at those complex levels. And that we are going to tell you that you are going to have to go back again and again to repeat the game until you go to the first levels; something that happens with the mastery of a very curious title called Despotism 3K.

Sole Light on Android

Technically has high quality elements such as your graphics, the design of the characters and that soundtrack with a piano that works wonders for our most intense emotions. It does not reach the quality of Monument Valley in the visual section, but it does have its elegance and they have known, with simple elements, to create a more than appropriate atmosphere.

Sole Light arrives eager to be one of your favorite puzzles for these months and thus discover the mysteries that are hidden behind the beta phase of development. A well measured title to test us with a good number of levels.

Editor's Opinion

Sole light

  • Editor rating
  • 3.5 star rating


  • It's hard and cool
  • Its music
  • Good visual style


  • It is not in Spanish at the moment

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