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Shaquille O'neall returns to Android, but not the way you think

The continuation of one of the cult games of the 90s comes to our Android devices. We talk about the sequel to Shaq Fu, who, two decades later, returns with a renewed version and accompanied by new adventures.

The original game that appeared for Mega Drive or Super Nintendo, at the time was not very relevant. However, things about video games, became a cult title for users and these dusts now reach us in the form of a sequel.

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn

If this game is characterized by something, both the original and its sequel are from a somewhat hooligan approach. The main claim of the time was embodied in our protagonist, Shaquille O’neall The famous NBA player.

In this return of the saga, we continue to put ourselves in the shoes of the great player. But unlike the original title, this new proposal comes to solve the shortcomings thanks to the evolution of technologies and the good work of its developers.

Those who enjoyed the era of the 90s will delight in this title, as it picks up the essence of those beat’m’up. Distribute cakes to everything we find, be they enemies or objects that will provide us with various items.

Irreverent fun

We said at the beginning that the game's proposal was a bit of a hoax, in that task it helps to hear the voice of Shaquille O'Neall himself, the various songs that accompany us during the battles and funny animated sequences.

The most detailed will realize that the scenarios are plagued with winks to recognized brands. And those who look for fun will have it in abundance, since they leave us a few seconds of tranquility between fight and fight.

Fun, action and good soundtrack who gives more?

Speaking of fights, our hero will learn new techniques that we will combine to defeat enemies. And in some specific moments we can do use of the Big D wick suit, thanks to which we will sweep leaving a trace of diesel in our wake.

It could be perfect but …

We are facing a fun game, graphics that live up to expectations, a story that fits the whole approach and a remarkable sound section. But there is always a but, nothing more and nothing less than control. Sometimes it is confusing and unresolved.

The actions we can perform with our protagonist are well executed, however the moving the character sometimes becomes an odyssey. If we have to give an object or an enemy, on more than one occasion we will find ourselves giving cakes to nothing.

Free, with small print

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn it's a game that is in Spanish (the texts). And we can enjoy it in a way free, only the first episode, since if we want to unlock others we will have to pay for them. A detail that is fine, since it allows us to test whether we like it or not, but that more than one will leave you wanting more.

Everyone looking for a game that has the best of another era, enjoy a good soundtrack and a really funny story … we have no choice but to recommend that you download this great game. For one reason or another it will conquer you. What are you doing waiting there? Come on..

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