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Set up your Gmail account to use it without a password

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<p>Good news for all who find it a nuisance to have to <strong>enter the password every time they access your Gmail account</strong>. And we say it simply because the password of Marras <strong>we forget more about the account</strong>, and they are too many passwords to remember …</p><div class=

But Google in its effort to make things easier for us, has had a great idea. Now be possible Access from your computer using our smartphone linked to the same email account.

How can you configure the start of Gmail session with your smartphone without having to enter a password? We will explain how to do it in just three steps.

First step

The first thing is to enter the Gmail login settings and enter our credentials as always.

At this time, what should be displayed on the screen is information indicating: Use your phone to log in and a screen like the one we show you will be displayed.

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<p>The next is <strong>click on Continue</strong>, to continue advancing in the configuration.</p>
<h2>Second step</h2>
<p>In the next step I will see how a pop-up window appears requesting the <strong>Screen lock</strong>. If you do not have it active on your smartphone you must enter <strong>Settings – Security – Screen lock</strong>.</p>
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