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Set the Unsplash wallpaper in Windows 10 Updated

Cover page Set the Unsplash wallpaper in Windows 10

Nowadays, people use the computer more frequently, for various reasons, such as fun, communication with many people, work, among others.

In addition, it is very likely that they want to customize it, being one of the ways to do it is through the choice of wallpaper.

To make the change of wallpaper An option was created since Windows 7 was launched, and it works on Windows 10, which allows you to make the change and choose the image you want to have on the computer screen.

how to install windows 10 yourself

This change can be made using an option on the computer, which allows you to modify or rotate the images chosen for the wallpaper.

This is very attractive for people because you can select images, photos or drawings that are to your liking.

The advantage of this configuration is that the person can include beautiful landscapes and combine them with photos.

So you can have the best places and photos of loved ones or places you have visited that will give you joy, good memories such as vacations, the best moments of life, among others.

The wallpapers come to represent when a person works hard on his computer.

Which at certain times to see the images of wallpaper Good feelings and relaxing moments are activated, to clear your mind a little when you have several hours working on the computer.

It is important to know that to have a wallpaper you must follow a procedure that is very simple but allows the person to do it at any time since it is very simple steps.

Requirements to configure the wallpaper

unsplash of windows10

The aspects that a person who wishes to activate a wallpaper must keep in mind are the following:

  1. You must choose or select the images you want to have as wallpaper, of great diversity or variety according to what the person wants to see, each time the option is activated to be able to see them. And they will appear every time you are using the computer.

It is recommended that the images are of the total pleasure of the person and that they do not bring feelings of sadness, nostalgia or anxiety, but rather that they are beautiful places, and very dear people.

  1. You should consult or find out what kind of resolution you have the images, in order to determine the background you are going to run, the one that is most used is 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  2. By knowing how many pixels the image has, you can determine if they are the size required for the image. wallpaper, since if they are smaller, they will not look good, the ideal is that when the application is activated the photos will look great when they are rotating or rotating, that is to say they are of similar quality.

Can you set the wallpaper in Windows 10 automatically?

The answer to the question is that it is possible to do it automatically, using the customization option in the configuration in Windows 10.

The steps for configuration are as follows:

  1. With the right mouse or mouse button you must click on the desktop and touch the option Customize.

The other option can be from the start menu and choose the configuration category and then select the customization option.

  1. Once in customization, select presentation and decide what are the images you want to have in the wallpaper.
  2. If you want to have multiple photos or images in the wallpaper It is advisable to make a folder that contains all the images, photos, drawings, portraits, among others, that you want to see each time the option is activated.

How time is managed in wallpaper images?

The time to activate the wallpaper, it is at the choice of the person who is going to create it and therefore you can choose to have the option change or turn in a short time like 15 minutes.

Just as you can also choose a longer time like every 2 hours or more.

So depend on the user's decision as to when you want to see the photos or images on your wallpaper.

When the person is programming or adjusting the customization, you can define that once the system is started on the computer, the image is modified so that it is displayed each time you enter the computer.

This option allows each time the computer is started the photo that appears is the one that the user decided according to their taste, and you can change it whenever you want.

windows 10 wallpapers

You can get quality images for the wallpaper

Through an application well known to all people called Splashpaper, the person can choose in the application store that has Windows, the photos that they like and the application is responsible for locating them in the image library that has Windows

The advantage is that it locates the best images, that is to say, those of high resolution and the person can through a button that presses when he wishes the option Update Wallpaper Now and the photos that he wishes to see will appear.

It should be mentioned that there is another application that has the function of unifying high quality images and is called Splashify and provide the Unsplash service.

The advantage of this application is that it can be used on Windows and also on Mac; However, it does not have the automatic exchange category.


Lock wallpaper option

There is an option that allows the person to block the option of wallpaper.

To do this, through the customization option, you can select the lock screen option and in this way you can change the image or if there are several images.

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