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Sem with iKeyword from iPad and iPhone

iKeyword Free for iPhone and iPad is another of the Apps that everyone we work with SEO and SEM from our iPad we should not get lost, existing his older sister iKeyword for 7.99 and offering direct information in real time.

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The great advantage that this tool has, from the point of view of a server, is that It has the Google Adwords keyword engine, with the extra of finding them either in the local area (the area from where you are doing the consultation) or global.

Once the keywords are found, apart from displaying them on the screen allows you to export them to a CSV file and send them directly through email.

This free version only shows 5 related keywords with the search concept and, also includes advertising. The paid version removes the ads and returns all related words.

Despite being a iPhone application, with the consequent loss of quality in the visualization, it is tremendously useful for SEM professionals.

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And you, know some app that looks like?

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