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Schedule messages, theme editor and more news

It has many interesting news, we tell you the things that have been added in this latest update.

Scheduled Messages

The first novelty of this version of Telegram v5.11, and possibly one of the most interesting, are the programmed messages. To do this we will have to keep pressing on the send button. There we will have the option to send it without sound and program the message.

If we press Schedule the message We can select at what time and at what time we want to send the message easily and quickly, like who sets an alarm.

Telegram v5.11 scheduled messages

Once programmed we will see the icon of a calendar in the conversation, where we can see all the messages we have programmed and we can resend or delete them in case we want it.

Telegram v5.11 scheduled messages

More customization for the chats

If you didn't have enough customization on Telegram, now you'll have more. One of the problems that Telegram had to personalize yourself or a subject requires a lot of work and a lot of time to dedicate and learn how it was going.

But now you can quickly customize the chats. And without worrying about each section, it is a quick customization.

To do this we will have to address theChat settingsIn Theme We will find more colors. In addition we will find a last icon with several colors. If we click on it we will open the roulette of colors, and we can choose the color that we want.

Telegram v5.11 chat customization

New privacy options

Now you will have the option to choose which people and users can find you on Telegram, also who can add your phone number to your contacts and who can not.

In the settings ofPrivacy & Securitywe will find the optionTelephone numberThere we will see the optionWho can see my number?where can we selectAll, My contactsYNo one.

If we selectNo oneanother option called open Who can find me by my number?Where can we selectEveryoneorMy contacts

Telegram v5.11 Security

This way you can make sure that no one you don't want finds you, while preserving your security better.

We also remember that you can use Telegram without phone number. In case you want to use it only through the Internet.

Ms animated emojis

There are not many new developments, but we will have more animated emojis. In case you do not know, there are many emojis that have an animation when they are sent.

Well now more emojis will be encouraged to send them. There are six in total who are encouraged to send them.

Telegram v5.11 animated emojis

What do you think about these news?

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