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Save battery on your Android by forcing Doze mode if you are root

Notifications with any battery percentage

The number of tasks and processes we do daily with our smartphones is growing. We consult social networks, surf the Internet, consume music, photos and videos, send files. In short, we spend more time with our phone.

To this is added that each time the power of the terminals is greater. The processors improve in performance, the RAM increases or the screen is getting better resolution. All this naturally affects the dreaded battery consumption.

The battery is always a controversial section in smartphones. Sometimes you have to work wonders to reach the end of the day, using small tricks and taking care of consumption. Google knows that and every time is trying to put more solutions natively on Android.

One of them arrived with Android Marshmallow, and it is none other than the Doze mode, which saves us battery when the terminal is at rest. However, he does not always do everything he should. If you want to make sure that it works, we will explain how.

Doze always running

The application that we bring you this time is ForceDoze. Already the name implies that it is a tool to force the battery saving mode that came with Android 6.0. The only drawback is that you must have root access.

Natively, in order to activate Doze mode, many factors have to occur at the same time, which sometimes does not happen. ForzeDoze what it does is get this mode to always run, and take place when we turn off the screen.

ForceDoze screenshots

Fortunately, we can adjust the greater or lesser aggressiveness with which we want the application to act. From the settings menu we can choose how much time to go from when the screen is turned off until Doze is executed, that the battery saving starts even with the terminal charging or handling the motion detection so that it is activated or not in certain situations.

Naturally, having this mode activated, applications related to social networks will not be synchronized, which will cause us to miss notifications. However, ForzeDoze It allows us to choose those that are synchronized from time to time, so that we don't lose anything.

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