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Round the network scam through alleged Netflix mail

Time has passed since our mails reached us the famous chains that promise to leave us without a partner, money or anything if we do not forward them to all our contacts. These types of practices have not stopped at present, but have evolved in much more serious things outside of leaving you without your crush paying attention to you.

Recently the company dedicated to computer security ESET has discovered some fake emails that on behalf of the largest streaming network, Netflix, plan to steal and scam those who are not attentive. The method they use is to request your user, password and bank account data associated with the platform.

It should be noted that the page they use is very similar to that of Netflix, but you have to pay attention to the link you have. In a timely manner ESET leaves us the following safety recommendations to avoid being affected by these practices.

  • Prevent access
    to links that arrive unexpectedly by email, or other means.
  • Check the
    sender of the same and that this coincides with the service he does
  • Count on
    safety protections on the device that can act as a barrier to
    these cases, such as ESET Mobile
    Security if mobile or ESET devices are used
    Internet Security for desktop devices.
  • In the case of
    to suspect about the veracity of the message, it is recommended to access it
    traditional way and check ah if everything is correct, or eventually
    Make a credential change.

So you already know what to do if in a very suspicious way and without waiting for it freeze your Netflix account. Let us know in the comment box if something like this happened to you and how you reacted. We are reading.

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