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Review of the Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX



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The HD 6XX have perfect technology and design for music lovers.

The good

    An amazing realistic sound Comfortable and lightweight design Great manufacturing quality Incredible price

The bad

    They are not the best in noisy places



Some of us still want some headphones that sound great, regardless of whether they have cables or not, and we are willing to spend a decent amount of money to get them. The good news? You don't have to break your piglet to get some of the best headphones that money can buy.

The acclaimed audio brand Sennheiser has produced a good dose of success among the headphones, but its HD 650, frequently considered as one of the best headphones in its class, stand out.

More than a decade after its debut, the HD 650 have undergone a renovation (more or less), and you can say they are better than ever. This is embodied by the HD 6XX, the result of a collaboration between the legendary brand and the audifilo subset of the Massdrop business community.

Massdrop, now known simply as Drop, has modified some of the characteristics of the 650 to provide them with a better ease of use, with the very low price of $ 220 dollars.


When the HD 650 debuted in 2003, it easily cost more than $ 500. And although the price has plummeted for the 6XX version (same as for the original 650, in most of the sites), that does not mean that potential buyers will not receive a taste of true audifilo luxury. That experience begins with a massive black thick cardboard case, which is filled with a large hard foam bed and boasts a shiny black Sennheiser logo on the lid.

review headphones massdrop x sennheiser hd 6xx hdphns boxopen 1200x9999Bill Roberson / Digital Trends

Inside, the headphones rest in their foam bed, protruding like a pair of oval donuts, attached to an adjustable hinge and covered with a dense metal mesh that reveals the interior. In there are thick cushions covered in the same acoustic silk that provides sumptuous comfort in the HD 650, and also boasts a bright acoustic seal. A Sennheiser logo on the headband assures you that what is inside is of high quality, and few details reveal the new design of the HD 6XX.

In principle, the most noticeable change in design is color.


However, when examined more closely, some improvements that distinguish 6XX are revealed. In principle, the most noticeable change in the design is the color 6XX change the carbon gray of the HD 650 to an intense black, with lines along the edges in a subtle shade of dark blue (you probably need sunlight to see them).

Perhaps what most attracts attention is that the removable cable now ends in a 3.5 mm plug instead of a 6 mm. (includes a 6 mm attachment), detail that makes these headphones much more versatile for use with all your devices.

The cable length has also decreased by 3 meters, distance suitable for a study, to 1.8 meters. The total weight is 260 grams and these beauties cling tightly. That is softened by the soft pads, so it is easy to use the 6XX during long sessions.