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Review of the Amazon Echo Input, the great unknown of the family



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Virtual assistants can be useful for various reasons. They give us the daily part of the time, they remind us of our agenda and meetings, they encourage us with our favorite music, and they can even ask for things for us. They are a pleasant company. But what if we are not at the best time to spend money and we already have good speakers at home? It is normal that in that situation we do not think about buying an Amazon Echo Dot, Echo Plus or Echo Show, for example.

Well, that's what the giant of the e-commerce. And is that Amazon does not miss a truth? For those cases, Amazon already has a device in its Echo family that is surely the least known of all.

This is the Amazon Echo Input and, luckily, the team of Digital Trends in Spanish He has been able to prove it in order to highlight his virtues and his defects.

What do you think? Are you interested in reading our impressions?


The truth is that the Amazon Echo Input stands out at first sight for its small size and lightness, if compared, above all, with its other brothers such as the Echo Plus or the Echo Show, although the latter comes with the addition of a screen .

Of course, given its size and its reduced thickness (14 mm), it has only a couple of buttons and two outputs for connectors. That's it That is all.

Amazon Echo InputEstefania Oliver / Digital Trends in Spanish

However, its interior (the one that is not seen) is more powerful, since it houses the intelligent assistant of Amazon, that is, Alexa.

It is true that its minimalist design is perfect to camouflage it near the speaker that we want in any corner of the house, going quite unnoticed.

Given its size and its reduced thickness, it has only a couple of buttons and two outputs for connectors.

It is available in black and white to choose the one that best suits our decoration or the color of our speakers. In our case, we could try the black version.

Connection and Configuration

Using and connecting the Amazon Echo Input to an external speaker is also a simple task. First, you have to download the Amazon Alexa app to the phone and connect or configure the Echo Input device. Once that first step is done, the app will ask if we are going to connect the Echo Input to an external speaker through a Bluetooth connection or through a 3.5 mm Jack cable. In addition, we are asked where the Amazon Echo Input is, since we can buy more than one and connect it to speakers in the living room, office or room.

We must remember and underline, first of all, that the Amazon Echo Input is not a speaker. What allows us is to add Alexa to a horn that we already have to ask for the weather forecast or a summary of the news of the day and that we listen to them through our speaker.

Amazon Echo InputEstefania Oliver / Digital Trends in Spanish

In our tests, we check and connect the Amazon Echo Input goes Bluetooth to a small speaker, as well as to another less updated and less modern speaker, using the cable.

The connection worked well and we could listen to Alexa giving us recommendations.

In both cases the connection worked well and we could listen to Alexa giving us recommendations or putting our best music from Amazon Music.

It's true that the Amazon Echo Input doesn't have volume buttons, but we can ask that from Alexa.

The price of the Amazon Echo Input is $ 35 dollars or 40 euros. A priori, it may seem an economic price, and it is, since it offers us the possibility of adding all the functions and benefits of Alexa to our old speakers.

But the truth is that, if you have good speakers in your home, which offer a very good sound quality, surely with the Echo Input you have the solution you are looking for and that is summed up in having an intelligent speaker that gives you the best of a speaker and the best of Alexa.

However, if your speakers are of medium-low range and you already have them for a long time, in that case we recommend that for a little more, that is, for 20 euros extra or for $ 15 dollars more you consider buying an Echo Dot (of 3 generation), which is already a speaker with the integrated Alexa function, or investing something else, go to the Echo Show and Echo Spot, with the addition of the screen, or to the Echo Plus that offer you a higher quality and power of sound.

So, it depends on your needs, surely, the Echo Input re is more than enough, but as long as you do not look beyond having Alexa, which is not little, and discover as well of everything that is capable.

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