Review of Bose NCH 700 noise canceling headphones

Review of Bose NCH 700 noise canceling headphones



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The Bose 700 with noise cancellation is perfect for calls

The good

    Awesome audio clarity on calls Works well with voice assistants Comfortable and stylish 20 hours of battery power

The bad

    No support for aptX or aptX HD

Phone calls and interactions with voice assistants can be a confusing disaster if the person (real or virtual) has to listen to you while you are in a noisy coffee shop or on the street. The new Bose NCH 700 noise canceling headphones solve this problem. With their eight microphones, they are ideal for people who speak a lot on the phone.


We see noise-canceling hearing aids as tools to eliminate ambient sounds and to relax or concentrate, but Bose goes one step further by using his sound reduction technology to help your caller during two-way communication even when you speak with Voice assistants like Siri, the Google Assistant or Alexa.

The NCH 700 have eight microphones; Six of them to deal with noise. The other two use beam technology to capture any sound that comes out of your mouth. Two of the six that cancel the noise also function as noise defense systems, looking for loud sounds around you and suppressing them.

Julian Chokkattu / Digital Trends

The result is impressive for the person you are calling or for voice assistants who try to understand what you say, who can hear you clearly.

We witnessed this in action when a Bose employee went to a Starbucks with the QC35 II and the connected NCH 700 going Bluetooth and a partner called him. Listening on a speaker from an iPhone, the QC35 II captured all the ambient sounds of coffee; Listening to the person was complicated. Then I switched to the NCH 700 and the difference was like day and night. At first it seemed that the call had been cut, because it was not heard more than an absolute silence but then spoke. You can still hear some environmental sounds and people when he spoke, but very muffled, and his voice was much clearer and easier to understand.

Siri's ability to understand someone using the QC35 II against the NCH 700 was also tested, with many ambient sounds in the background. The latter obtained 100 percent accuracy to understand voice commands, while the QC35 II only registered one or two commands (they also captured various close conversations). The impressive word falls short.


The noise cancellation of the Bose NCH 700 ranges from 10 to zero, with 10 being the highest setting to block the outside world. Bose calls the zero level Transparency, which uses the microphones to bring ambient sounds to your ears. That is ideal when you want to be attentive to your surroundings, such as when using public transportation or at the airport.

Sounds incredibly natural.

There are several headphones that include some way of listening to the outside world, but they may sound digitized, almost as if you were listening to an internet radio station that transmits the real world. The transparency of the NCH 700 is not so. Sounds incredibly natural. And at level 10 it is practically impossible to hear anything.