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Protecting your cyberattack companies is possible and effective

PASS2019 Panda Security

At this point no one is surprised with that of teleworking or with the huge revolution which has meant the emergence of smartphones and total connectivity. People – employees in their work – are "mobile" today, and with life and work expectations that are very different from the traditional ones: by 2025 Millennials are expected to represent 75% of the entire global workforce. People trained to combine work with personal life, accustomed to working in models of collaborative work. All this forces a change in the way companies innovate, retain talent and prepare their workers for success.

However, taking the Internet anywhere has a price in the form of privacy, so doubting our online security is more than good either on a personal or professional level.

Companies are increasingly global, and the traditional rules of the business playground they have blurred rapidly in a few years. Some examples are supply chains distributed by remote passes that bring us a product in minutes to our door, consumption of goods and services in subscription mode, etc. The income models of many companies have changed radically with the Digital Revolution, and they must have information security systems implemented in their networks and equipment that allow their employees connect from anywhere securely shielding the most important: your personal data, those of your customers and the company itself.

It is easier than you can expect the get digital profiles of all of us, because our smartphone is able to know where we are, what information we seek and even what we do at all times, and that is why they exist countless companies dedicated to trade with our information. But we should not only think of people, because for a large corporation managing their data well is vital, not in vain someone steal a roadmap or get a briefing strategic You can put your business and its future value at risk.

The value of companies today lies in intangibles, and the opportunity to use the data to extract knowledge so avoiding a cyber attack that steals your resources should be crucial in the IT strategy

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The dangers to which we are exposed There are many in the network of networks, and they cover beyond the access to the corporate network of a company, which is usually done through VPNs. In fact, A simple malware on a USB stick it could leave corporate PCs unusable, send information to malicious servers or leave in the hands of attackers who can request a rescue, the productive systems of a company.

And for all that, for address problems and solutions More leading in cybersecurity, Panda Security brings together more than 700 cybersecurity experts in Madrid in the second edition of the Panda Security Summit (PASS2019) to be held on May 23 at the Coliseum Theater in Madrid. On the day you can share experience and knowledge with IT professionals from all over Europe, as well as attending conferences and workshops where to verify how the techniques and strategies of Threat Hunting are applied in real environments.

As being PASS2019, the reference event in Europe in the cybersecurity industry

No one escapes anymore, data and its influence on the future of markets they are a determining factor and that is something that the big companies already have very present in their strategies. Maybe for that, and why exposure to the dangers of the Internet It has become another key factor, cybersecurity has gained weight in companies and everyone wants to be present in the advancement of such an important industry.

At a time when malware is ceasing to be a problem For companies that have advanced cybersecurity solutions, Panda Security wanted to organize an event like PASS2019 to deepen the current challenge in corporate cybersecurity: focus on detecting strange behaviors of users, processes and machines that are a potential threat to our team . And the only way to detect these attacks is to have a Threat Hunting tool, a solution in which special focus will be placed during the event.

Obviously, too, if you dedicate yourself to the world of network security and don't want to miss anything that is cooked in an ever-moving industry like this, download Pandalabs reports and keep track of them in your corporate blog is one of the best ways to stay informed about it.

But let's get into the matter. Why is it so interesting that Madrid hosts an event like the Panda Security Summit? Because it is one of the reference events of the sector cyber for the European market, and point of meeting and exchange of knowledge, experiences and relationships of all the actors involved in this area.

PASS2019 Panda Security entry

In addition, this year the PASS2019 organization has announced the participation of independent analysts, European politicians, SOC members and cyber threat analysts with the techniques of Threat hunting as main conductor, offering all of them their vision on the future of the sector, as well as the strategies and protection needs both at personal and corporate level in companies.

And if this were not enough, the attendees of the event will be able to Know the latest procedures applied at the highest level and learn how to take them to your companies or to your work environment, as PASS2019 offers workshops and practical demos where professionals can see firsthand how the safety techniques and strategies mentioned in real environments work:

  • Service Threat hunting and Threat Investigation.- The response against hackers and insiders.
  • Panda Adaptive Defense.- Integra solutions Endpoint protection Y Endpoint Detection and Response, with services of 100% Classification and Threat hunting.
  • Platform & Modules (Aether Platform) .- Discover all the centrally managed solutions, services and modules from Aether.
  • Data Intelligence (Panda Advacend Reporting Tool) .- Converts data into IT Security and Management conclusions.

If you are interested, surely you would like to know that there are personalities like Pete Shoard, Senior Director Analyst at Gartner, or Pedro Ura, Director of PandaLabs who dissect the operation of the laboratory; although if you want to know the entire list of speakers and conferences or register directly, you can do it from this same link by accessing the professional or press registry, which can obtain passes upon request.

Cybersecurity workers

2018, the year of Facebookgate, as a sign of the enormous importance of cybersecurity in the company

There have always been computer attacks, but surely Last year 2018 was the one that marked a before and after in this industry because of the medics of some of the security problems we experience.

And is that following that axiom that done the law done the snare it's easy to realize how fast computer attackers have advanced when it comes to looking for vulnerabilities in systems that improve also gives your security and its ability to detect and protect against any type of threat.

Many of the hackers most popular a few years ago today are chiefs of cybersecurity in large corporations, but targeted attacks, malware, information leaks or any denial of service attack they can affect the operation of a company not only by paralyzing its production or sales, but also allowing the competition to obtain information and relevant data drawing a clearly damaging scenario.

And we do not fool anyone when we say that cybercriminals never rest and that it is best to protect themselves, as some analysts say about 10 million personal profiles that are stolen every day worldwide, dizzying numbers if we take into account that this is illegally obtained personal information.

Closed already the first quarter of 2019, the truth is that it scares to review last year and remember the huge amount of cybersecurity problems, which in Spain the CCN figures in more than 30,000 incidents

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<h2>The most important and medical cyberattacks of 2018, at a glance</h2>
<h3>Facebook and its water going to Cambridge Analytica</h3>
<p>Surely it was the most medical informatic crime in recent history, <strong>leading even Mark Zuckerberg to ask for the forgiveness of the US Senate</strong> personally in an already famous appearance for <strong>explain the <em>Facebookgate</em></strong>  and its immediate and future consequences to the political leaders of the United States, to the press and on the way to ordinary citizens.</p>
<p>It is not for less, because the scandal that broke out in March came until the end of the year with <strong>more than 87 million affected users</strong> in a massive data leak to Cambridge Analytica, a company that <strong>used that information obtained fraudulently to negotiate</strong> and work with her.</p>
<p>The political campaign of Donald Trump himself was in question for having used this information, and <strong>Facebook collapsed in the stock market</strong> to subsequently modify all its security and privacy policies.</p>
<h3>The political class in Germany also saw how private information leaked on the Internet</h3>
<p>If he <em>Facebookgate</em> It hasn't been enough for you, <strong>the huge leak of personal data that was lived in Germany</strong> He also put the international community in check against computer attacks, as cybercriminals dared to <strong>publish policy profiles</strong> including Chancellor Angel Merkel.</p>
<p>Mobile phones, postal addresses, internal documents of political parties, their strategies, bank statements and even information about their families. <strong>All of them sensitive data</strong> that nobody wants to see published on the network and less a large corporate corporation.</p>
<h3><em>Specter</em> Y <em>Meltdown</em>, the Trojan horse on Intel chips</h3>
<p>Another of the most common problems during the past year 2018 had to do with <strong>Intel</strong>, one of the most important hardware manufacturers in the market, who had to recognize that their chipsets had <strong>two serious vulnerabilities known as <em>Specter</em> Y <em>Meltdown</em></strong>, and that they had been exploited by attackers.</p>
<p>A firmware update and another also by Microsoft closed the gap on Windows PCs, though <strong>other experts say they never close at all</strong> until these chips are replaced by others that avoid these vulnerabilities.</p>
<h3>British Airways, T-Mobile, Marriot, Under Armor, Jobandtalent …</h3>
<p>Many companies have been attacked, such as the Under Armor sportswear firm that <strong>lost the information of 150 million registered users</strong> on his MyFitnessPal platform, although he later claimed that the stolen information was encrypted and could not be used.</p>
<p>The stick suffered by Marriot was harder, because the popular hotel chain <strong>they stole information from more than 500 million customers</strong> including emails and even credit card numbers.</p>
<p>Airlines like British Airways are not saved, which <strong>left more than 380,000 credit cards exposed in a cyber attack</strong> to your web service and to the server where your mobile app information is hosted.</p>
<p>T-Mobile also suffered a data leak that <strong>Affects more than two million customers in the United States</strong>, and in his case it is still more curious because the company is dedicated to mobile communications and connected services.</p>
<p>The Jobandtalent employment platform also joined this blacklist in Spain, <strong>with information of more than 10 million users exposed on the Internet</strong> During a computer attack I got professional profiles with very sensitive user data.</p>
<h3>Eye to money, which today is also digital</h3>
<p>Probably from the list of <strong>more and better armored companies against cyber attacks</strong> we can extract a good number of banks or companies dedicated to the world of finance and money, but <strong>as we say nobody is safe</strong> unless you put means to your cybersecurity teams.</p>
<p>Not surprisingly, in April 2018 we saw how <strong>the governor of the Bank of Mexico</strong> I had to go to the fore to explain that <strong>his electronic money transfer system had been attacked</strong> after detecting unauthorized theft from more than 150 bank accounts.</p>
<p>A <strong>fast, accurate operation, performed by experts</strong>, and in which several of the most important credit institutions of the country were involved, such as Citibanamex or Banorte, among others. The money stolen electronically was withdrawn in a few minutes, and the amount is dizzy reaching <strong>a figure of between 20 and 35 million euros</strong>, nothing less.</p>
<h3>Not even Google itself was saved from burning in 2018</h3>
<p>Surely in Mountain View they were already driving <strong>Google+ end dates</strong> for sooner rather than later, although surely also one of the definitive sprigs to the ill-fated Google social network was <strong>a cyber attack that exposed data of up to 52 million users</strong> which in all likelihood did not actively use Google+.</p>
<p>A major problem for a giant like Google, where <strong>Cybersecurity should be one of the most important legs of your business</strong> when managing profiles and information of infinity of users to offer them publicity.</p>
<p><img src=

Cybersecurity, a fundamental pillar for today's and future companies

At this point, if you are one of the responsible for digital security in your company and you have read the large number of major attacks in 2018, you are already reviewing cybersecurity policies applied by the great affectation that could have an information leak or an attack.

The neglect is not an option, the privacy laws have hardened a lot in recent times, either to comply with the law or to continue growing as a company without major effects on production systems, investment in computer security systems is more necessary that are simple to apply, fast and efficient.

Choosing an integrated cybersecurity solution, easy to implement and that facilitates subsequent management is not easy, but Panda Security brings them closer to us with Adaptive Defense 360

And in this situation choose a firm that assures us experience and ability It is key, because it is an environment that requires precisely an important degree of specialization and a continuous improvement of the security processes applied.

So, advanced cybersecurity solutions such as Panda Adaptive Defense help us face that new cybersecurity challenge so hot right now: the anticipation and detection of anomalous behavior in our network, sometimes using legitimate tools, and that seriously endanger our network.

Panda Security Adaptive Defense 360 ​​solution includes total control and real-time visibility of all activity in all the endpoints, offering prevention, detection and automatic response, as well as a classification of processes and even forensic analysis in case of attacks.

It is a one hundred percent reliable service and that implements techniques of big data Y machine learning to improve its protection, dynamically detecting possible exploits, malware advanced and even behavior based detection.

Panda has worked hard to get an advanced cybersecurity solution, with an adequate learning curve that does not require multiple layers. Not surprisingly, Adaptive Defense 360 ​​offers prevention, detection and total reaction capability in real time, no need for updates or patches thanks to artificial intelligence and its continuous response services.

Nor should we lose sight of modules created specifically for prevent access, modification or exfiltration of information -external as internal- as Panda Data Control, which discovers, audits and monitors data of a personal and sensitive nature that is unstructured in the endpoints: from the data at rest, to the operations on them and their transit. So, this solution helps you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation promulgated by the EU a few months ago.

All this integrated in a native way and without leaving Adaptive Defense, so that the processes are simplified to the maximum as you can discover in the datasheet Complete solution.

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More information | Panda Adaptive Defense 360 ​​| PASS 2019

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