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Pokmon GO will be spying on your mobile files for root

In recent years, companies seem to have an eye on the root. Due to the abilities it offers to be able to perform traps, many games choose to pay the righteous for sinners, blocking the only way to cheat.

In Niantic they wanted to go one step further, and the latest update of Pokémon GO would be blocking legal players simply by files that are on their mobile, regardless of whether they are legal or not.

Pokémon GO would search for root evidence by reading your files

So we can read in XDA Developers, where a user has updated Pokémon GO to the latest version on their Galaxy Note 4, which had no root, but had had it in the past.

The game gave him an "unauthorized device" warning, something strange being the mobile in a legal state for the game. The game blocked the state until in an investigation tried to delete root related files that were in the folders. By deleting such files, the game It worked normally again.

In AndroidPolice they have tested the experiment on a Google Pixel 2 XL without root, in which they have created an empty file called «MagiskManager», resulting in the game choosing to block players by the name of the files, regardless of whether they have any type of content.

All this is done by the game taking advantage of storage permits. These evidences are proof that in Niantic they would be using this permission that we have given them to store game files in spying on what we have on our mobile. An abuse of trust in every rule.

With the excuse of the storage permit, Niantic is beginning to abuse our trust.

Pokémon GO is one of the games that most armor against cheats seeks to have, but it is not the only one. Another example we see in the popular Fortnite, a game that blocks you even for having the options for active developers.

We understand the decision of video game companies, that in the end the last thing they want is to protect their business. But it is still hard to be treated like a criminal for wanting to simply have your mobile updated and that your manufacturer has left you lying.