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Pokmon Go eliminates support for high refresh rate displays

So far if you had these few phones with a refresh rate higher than 60Hz you could play Pokmon Go without problems, but now the thing is twisting since the last update.

pokmon go refresh rates

Without 90Hz 0 120Hz in Pokmon Go

Since the last update, the version 0.153.0 Users with these high refresh rate phones have started reporting on Reddit or Twitter that they were having problems.

And the game is not only not going to 120fps, but thatIt works at 30fps,It is not working at 60fps. Because the game has been limited to 30fps. Thing that has angered many users.

In case you are not involved in the theme of games or screen frequencies, the frames per second is the amount of "photos" that a video plays in a single second. This applies to both videos and video games and what it does iseverything is much more fluidand natural, giving better sensation of movement.

It is not yet known if it has been intentionally or is it a mistake, we will have to wait for a statement from Niantic to know what is happening.

The solution

If this has been intentionally we will have no choice but to comply with what Niantic has decided. Since we cannot always be with an older version, since we will miss important events and updates.

But if it is an error, for now we can install the APK of the version 0.151.0, which we can download from APK Mirror and does not have this problem. It is an option while we wait for the problem to be solved (in case it really is, and it is not a company decision).

We do not know what the future of the game will hold, but we hope it will be solved in a short time and everything will go back to the way it was until now and each one can play at the corresponding frame rate per second.

What do you think about it? Do you think this is a simple problem or that Niantic has really decided to limit the frames per second to thirty?Leave your comment explaining your opinion.

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