Outlook already has a dark mode for Hotmail users on Android

Outlook already has a dark mode for Hotmail users on Android

It is clear that dark modes are the order of the day, for its comfort and battery management. Recently we talked about the dark mode Google Drive. Now it's time to talk about Outlook, the Microsoft mail client, and that hosts the Hotmail emails of millions of users.

Outlook in dark mode

Microsoft seems to have put the batteries and wants to add the dark mode. There are many fans of these modes, as we have said, whether for aesthetics, better visibility in dark environments or better battery management on AMOLED screens, now almost all manufacturers are implementing it.

It seems that Outlook's dark mode be pure black.That's why we talk about battery management, since AMOLED screen users can enjoy and make the most of it.

Already in April launched the dark mode for OneNote. But it was in 2018 when the company itself confirmed that a dark mode arrived at its email manager on Android. That's right, I didn't specify when. Almost a year after this announcement, the Windows Central website has already published some renders that officially arrived from the dark mode of the application.

Outlook Dark Mode

As we can see in the screenshot, we see the dark mode in the calendar, mail and in the search. It continues to maintain the bluish touches that characterize the Microsoft mail manager, so it continues to be identified quickly despite the "new" design.

But now the dark mode is already beginning to reach certain users, so it won't take long to see it. Do you want to do it?

To activate this mode we will have to do it by pressing on the three lines on the left side of the screen, go to Settings alreadyTheme (in section preferences), where we will find the dark mode and we can activate it.

If for whatever reason it does not work even if you have received the corresponding update, we recommend that delete the cache Outlook and try again, it should work.

But if you still haven't received the update and don't want to wait any longer, you can always download the application from APK Mirror. Don't worry, don't affect the usual pace of updates later.

What do you think of this dark mode? Do you feel like receiving it? Or do you already have it?