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Oculus present the powerful Oculus Quest glasses for virtual reality

VR glasses Oculus Quest RV 1620x1080

A new option joins the exciting world of virtual reality: the Oculus Quest is the latest addition to the range of independent VR headsets, which promises to bring additional degrees of freedom and movement, improved spatial awareness, and more advanced controllers.

Focusing on what Oculus described as an all-in-one headset and the future of all virtual reality experiences, Quest provides a powerful independent virtual reality experience with tracking that offers six degrees of freedom.

They will launch to the public in the spring of 2019 for a price of $ 399 dollars, and from what we could see, Quest is set to occupy a safe space between the Go and Rift glasses currently offered by the company.

Oculus says that these new glasses do not replace the Oculus Go, but are part of the family of virtual reality devices of the first generation. While the Go is positioned as the most affordable headset of the company and the Rift is configured as the most powerful, Quest is in a place that tries to offer the best of both worlds: an independent experience with high quality offers.

The announcement was made during the Oculus Connect 5 event, and is the official result of the project previously called Santa Cruz Project. Presented as a more powerful and capable version of the previously launched Oculus Go headphones, Quest introduces additional degrees of freedom, spatial awareness and more advanced controllers. Oculus points out that the headset is set to close the gap between mobile virtual reality experiences and desktop experiences, complete with the promise of bringing many of the existing games and applications available for the Rift to the new Quest platform.

Oculus Quest Announcement

On board the Oculus Quest there is a set of four new ultra-wide sensors that allow the unit to track its surroundings from the inside out; which means that the headphones can be aware of their surroundings without the need for sensors placed around the room. The new tracking system, combined with specially designed touch controllers, allows the user to explore virtual reality without the limitations that were present in the Oculus Go.


Facebook announced during its F8 developer conference that the Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest, can be pre-ordered from that moment and will be available from next May 21. The Quest comes in a 64GB version for $ 399 dollars and 128GB for $ 499 dollars. Come ready to launch with 50 different titles available for users to jump into the world of virtual reality. Many of the new titles may be intended to provide experiences that were not possible in the previous Oculus mobile offer. In addition, the fans of the most intense virtual reality games, such as Beat Know, you can finally experience it on the powerful Oculus Quest platform.

The Oculus Rift S was announced in March during the Video Game Developers Conference. This is a new updated version of the first Oculus Rift.

* Updated by Juliana Jara on April 30, 2019

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