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No, your cell phone is not the cause of you growing 'horns' in the skull


The posture we acquire to look at the phone could cause changes in our physiognomy.

Ed Jones / AFP / Getty Images

The use of the mobile phone has changed many things in the life of the human being and, according to a recent study, it seems that it can also change your physiognomy.

According to a study by researchers David Shahar and Mark Sayers of the University of the Sunshine Coast and published in 2018 in the scientific journal Nature, the position that is acquired to look at the cell phone screen may be favoring the development of some bumps. about 10 millimeters at the bottom of the scan of some young people. Yes, the study is from 2018, but it recently had an impact because it was mentioned in a report by the BCB.

Contrary to what many have published, the study does not confirm that the appearance of these protuberances in the form of a beak or horn is due solely to the use of mobile phones. The researchers assume that this elongated external occipital protuberance may be related to forced and unnatural continuous postures. These positions are associated today with the use of technologies that are handled by hand, as is the case with cell phones or tablets.

In 2016, Shahar published another similar study in the journal Journal of Anatomyen which analyzed radiographs of a total of 218 patients between 18 and 30 years old. According to that study, 41 percent of users had that peak with a size of at least 10 millimeters and 10 percent had it at 20 millimeters. The research also pointed out that this bulge appeared more frequently in men than in women.

Both studies indicate that there is a relationship between the posture acquired to look at the phone and the appearance of this bulge, but it is not confirmed that it is the only possible cause.

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