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Netflix and Hulu will soon arrive at the Tesla family cabin

tesla netflix hulu

In the short term, you can watch your favorite program while you are in your Tesla, as long as the vehicle is parked.

This was reported on Twitter by the founder of the company, Elon Musk: the functionality to stream the contents of Netflix and Hulu through the car screen is underway.

Thanks to the comfort of the seats and the surround audio of the cabin, the feature gives passengers an incredibly immersive cinematic feel, he said.

In E3 2019, Musk boasted of the novelty of offering YouTube through the touch screen of their cars, so the fact of having Hulu and Netflix in the near future is not exactly surprising.

Enabling video transmission on the vehicle's central screen will be done through a software update. Currently, the screens are not compatible with HTML5, which is necessary for the services to work. Presumably, version 10 add that attribute.

As we noticed when Musk made the initial announcement about YouTube, there was no reason why Tesla could not make available to Netflix and Hulu drivers (and other video services) as well.

Tesla has always offered video games and other "Easter eggs" through its screen. During Musk's announcement at E3, I revealed that Fallout shelter join the library composed of titles like Cuphead, 2048, Missile Command, Asteroids, Lunar Lander Y Centipede.

Forcing that the vehicles are parked to transmit video generates questions about the potential that the American firm sees as a video player.

Of course, it makes sense not to let someone see Stranger Things while driving on the highway, even when the Autopilot function is activated. The question is whether consumers are really interested in going to the movies while they are inside a vehicle.

In a later tweet, Musk suggested that transmission with the vehicle in motion is a possibility, although only for that first should self-driving be approved:

Until that moment arrives, be interesting to see how the function is used. While the seats are comfortable and the sound system very capable, we must see if users prefer the car over a sofa and a large screen to view audiovisual content.

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