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MIUI will have fewer ads and of various types

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<p>As we already knew, <strong>MIUI has ads on its interface</strong>, although it is something that has generated problems like a few months ago. In some cases, it is possible to disable these ads on the phone. Despite this, complaints about the presence of these advertisements have not diminished over time. Therefore, from Xiaomi they will take action in this case.</p><div class=

The MIUI product manager has been responsible for confirming that the personalization layer of the Chinese brand phones will reduce your ad quantity. A decision that many see with good eyes, since these ads were not something that users liked too much.

Xiaomi's plans go through having fewer ads in MIUI. Especially those Ads that ruin the user experience They will be removed from the customization layer. In addition to giving the possibility in the phone settings to disable ads completely. Another option that users had long expected.

The company expects to have these measures ready in three months. This is what they have said, so the wait in this regard is quite short. This way we can have an interface with fewer ads and a much better user experience. Also the types of ads will be different.

In MIUI it is usual that there are ads that are not of interest to users, or even become inappropriate. The company will arrive with changes in this regard, to prevent users from feeling uncomfortable. In part it is confirmed that they will take into account browsing history to show these ads.

So we hope to have more news about these MIUI changes in a few months. Undoubtedly, the reduction of ads is great news that many users with Xiaomi phones were waiting for. We hope to inform you about these new measures soon.

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