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MIUI 11 already has a possible presentation date and is shortly

On the other hand, the company's most anticipated phone for the last half of 2019 is the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. One of the company's high ranges. And in many occasions the most innovative. And they may take advantage of the launch of the flagship this second half of the year to also present MIUI.

MIUI 11 on September 24

All the rumors suggest that the Mi Mix 4 will be launched this September 24, and with it MIUI 11 will be presented. And will not have to leave Android 10? Well, as confirmed by a Google support employee, the official date of Android 10 is September 3, exactly, today. That's right, for Pixel phones, of course est.

Then we will not have problems, with Android 10 already presented and launched, Xiaomi will already have free to present the version of its customization layer adapted to Android 10.

Miui 11 Image Result

What to expect from MIUI 11

But … What to expect from MIUI 11? What does it give us? We have several news that are expected of this new version. We tell you some for you to warm up engines.

At the moment most of the news that are expected reside in the design. Alayer redesign along with a global dark modebetter implemented than the current one. Animations and transitions will be improved, but we don't know what the new design will be. MIUI 10 surprised for good, maintaining the essence that MIUI has always had but getting closer to pure Android design. That is, while still being a layer without an application box and with Asian touches despite the cleaner design.

And although the company's latest phones have an excellent and large battery they also bring an extreme battery saver mode. This mode deactivates the Internet and most applications of the telephone, leaving only the basic applications such as SMS, telephone, contacts and little else. We don't know if being customizable or how to work exactly, but sometimes where we have to safeguard the maximum battery, it's a great option.

And of course, as always in Xiaomi, we expect a good optimization and a more correct operation and fluidity of the system. We will have to wait until 24 of this ms to know.Do you want to do it?

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