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MIUI 10 comes to an end. August 30 ends its development

That's right, Xiaomi has confirmed that the useful life of MIUI 10 at the update level is over. And there will be no more updates from August 30.

Well, actually there is still a pending update, which is precisely that of the August 30th. Date where the version 9.8.29 MIUI 10, ending its cycle.

MIUI 10. End of its development

It is clear that MIUI 10 has given great joy to many users, because it has been the version in which Xiaomi has put more batteries. Having more features, updates. And also with some design touches that reminded you that you were using Android, and not a completely different operating system, something that some users did not quite like.


But now his life comes to an end, but it is not exactly bad news. MIUI 10 is already very mature, even in the last update of MIUI added sources and other interesting news. And being such a mature system, what better way to give way to its successor:MIUI 11.

We do not have any information on the launch date of MIUI 11, which is based on Android Q. But we can intuit, because of this news, that perhaps it is closer than we thought.

Xiaomi has improved more and more in the updates, and it is that a few years ago that you get to update once it could become difficult. Now in its medium and high ranges we have no problems in this regard, so we expect a large number of users to receive MIUI 11 in their phones.

MIUI history

This has been confirmed through Weibo, one of the most important and popular social networks in China. In that publication they explain that MIUI was launched on August 16, 2010, and that since then it has received updates for 428 weeks. And now it was a step to give way to the next version, to need a time of optimization and programming to make it ready.

MIUI 10 beta update

We hope that MIUI 11 arrives early, and we will begin to receive updates on our phones at the latest at the beginning of the year. But for that we will simply have to wait, and see what Xiaomi holds in that regard.