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Misiones students won the 2019 Robotics Cup and travel to Dubai representing Argentina

A group of students from different secondary schools in the province of Misiones won the
Copa Robtica 2019, after three days of competition against the
robots of the teams representing the rest of the Argentine provinces at the Mary Tern de Weiss Stadium, in the City of Buenos Aires.

The missionary students will travel in October to a world tournament in Dubai where they will present their baptized robot "Julito", in homage to a facilitator teacher who was part of the project and who died two weeks before this competition, in a sinister road while traveling to a robotics competition in Chaco.

The teams of each province designed and programmed their robots under the slogan that they should be able to
complete cleaning tasks in contaminated ocans, so "Julito" is a mobile platform capable of detecting elements in its surroundings and with a lifting platform you can pick them up and upload them to different shelves, that is, remove them from the water they contaminate.

The competition was held at the Mary Tern Stadium in Weiss, where a platform of about 16 square meters was the "ocean" in which the robots compete to see what was able to collect the most pollutants, which were represented by balls of Orange-painted golf and volleyball, which must be deposited on platforms of different heights.

The captain of the missionary team, Azul Silva, told Tlam that "mentoring teachers promoted robotics activities in schools throughout the province and that was how they were the most enthusiastic kids with the idea to summon us to join this team" .

"Building the robot took us two months, which were very intense work to solve every problem that arose and to be able to integrate as a team because we are all between 13 and 19 years old and we come from very different places in the province," he said. .

"There are many things we want to improve on 'Julito', and we are very excited to be able to represent Argentina and Dubai in all the provinces that arrived here with the same passion as us," he completed.

Posters with legends such as "Pasin", "Collaboration", "Logic", "Programming", "Challenges" and "Fun" surrounded the grandstands full of family and friends of the participants who throbbed each game with flags and football superclassic climate .

With the stories of Osvaldo Prncipi and his detailed detail of the movements of the robots, this event classified the missionary team to the
First Global Challenge, the World Cup of the specialty in which young people from 200 countries will compete in October in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

The local instance, which in networks circulated with the hashtag # CopaRobtica2019, was organized by the Ministry of Education and Innovation of the city of Buenos Aires and the company Educabot.

Matas Scovotti, CEO and co-founder of Educabot, explained to Tlam that through this tournament the boys are "creating a community among teenagers and training the future leaders of technology in the country."

In fact, the contest proposes to use programming and robotics tools to find solutions to global challenges such as pollution in the ocanos, and strengthens skills such as creativity, collaboration and teamwork.

This is the third time that Argentina participates in the World Robotics Championship, in the 2018 edition – held in Mexico City – the national team had a remarkable role: it was in the 13th position of the competition and won the Safety Award.

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