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Minecraft comes to real life in augmented reality with Minecraft Earth

minecraft earth augmented realityMinecraft, the popular game of construction and adventures that was released a decade ago for PC, has sold more than 176 million copies, which possibly makes it the best-selling video game of all time.

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Microsoft present Minecraft earth, a new augmented reality game totally free for mobile devices, that bring the creative nature of Minecraft To the real world.

The game's mechanics are simple: explore your neighborhood to find unique blocks and mops for your constructions. Once you have them, any flat surface will be an opportunity to build whatever you want, and give free rein to your imagination. You can create new articles, play mobs, harvest products, and discover hundreds of ways to have fun with your friends

You can also form a team with your friends to create incredible structures on the building plates, and then put them in the real world to explore them in real size. Something new that adds to the action is that you can also test your survival skills and fight with mobs in real life.

Minecraft Earth combines the latest generation technology from Microsoft such as Azure Spatial Anchors tracking and PlayFab integration to bring the game to life, using AR technology better compared to Pokmon Go, while staying true to the construction experience with the same Bedrock engine that It is used in all other versions of the game.

You must take into account that Minecraft earth have microtransactions, but details about that remain scarce. The closed beta version of the game will be released this summer on both iOS and Android.

Microsoft apparently has more in store for the tenth birthday of Minecraft, so the fans of the franchise must be attentive, and we will keep you informed when we receive news. For more information, visit the official website of Minecraft.

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