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MasherZ is a very zombie game in which to combine cars


MasherZ is a curious game for its gameplay and for taking us to those combinations that we already know in another three hundred titles for Android. Yes, that of combining two elements of the same class to improve it and do it again and again.

There are few titles that are based on that mechanics, although in MasherZ we will do it with an objective: get better cars with which to run over all those zombies that invade the road they will drive alone.

A very zombie title in which to combine cars

If you are one of those who like automotive, this game It gives its touch by having to improve that great variety of cars to be able to destroy all those zombies that appear in the streets. In fact it is quite curious to see how they appear while we combine these cars to improve them and thus unlock new vehicles.


Merely MasherZ is a puzzle with many animations on screen that they manage to cheer up the games quite a lot. In fact the animations carried out get a very striking gaming experience that gets us hooked. And it is not the first time that this video game studio called Creasaur goes through these lines with some game.

It is clear that the zombies attract a lot to the development team in charge from MasherZ. We will practically use the gestures to combine the cars and then release them on the road to start rolling to eliminate all those zombies that are approaching our base.

Create, manufacture and drive in MasherZ

Neither is missing that clicker component in which we will have to improve and evolve the characteristics of our base. That is, we can generate new base vehicles of a higher level so that we can advance them faster.

Merge Smash Zombies

The same goes for the slots or slots to have more space on the screen and thus combine a greater number of vehicles. The goal is to create them at the highest possible level and generate the maximum money every second. Of course, always without forgetting to release them to the circuit to clear the road of aliens.

It is clear that these higher level vehicles will allow us to get rid of those biggest aliens and that will make things more difficult for us. In fact this is one of the tips of this title for Android that instead of staying in the typical combination to have the highest level element, it sets a goal to liven up the games and our time with this casual zombie puzzle.

Puzzles and puzzles and more puzzles

And so we go full before a simple but addictive game for some things and that striking visual aspect of the pixelated. It is not that it will be a remembered game, but it will not take away that we have a good time in these summer days in which we look for games of this type that eat our heads a lot. Logically we are facing a full-fledged freemium title with those micropayments, so we are advised.


Graphically not bad and we highlight the animations that occur when we combine different cars with those green viscous things. They are also funny the variety of zombies that break through the roads such as huge and fat. The vehicles are good and in general it is a game that gives off a very zombie and green aesthetic. For fans of the genre you have to play it, it is very clear for all that has been said.

MasherZ takes us to a nice title to play and that is capable of vitiating the most painted. It is freemium and you can start getting an idea that you will want to unlock things. Everything will be a matter of time and have a little patience to enjoy a very zombie game. That said, you have it for free from the Google Play Store to fill in those gaps and empty times of these days of heat, beach and sun.

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MasherZ: Merge’n Smash Zombies

  • Editor rating
  • 3 star rating


  • Original at some point
  • Your animations and zombies

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