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Make economic control of your company easier, free and within a click

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If we ask a select group of entrepreneurs, surely everyone will agree that bureaucracy, economic management and accounting It is probably the most tedious part of organizing in the business day.

In fact, almost all companies have already been digitized to facilitate the task, or are in process, and perhaps for this reason today there are countless accounting and billing tools in the market, both free and paid, so that manage delivery notes, customers and invoices Take away as little time as possible.

And if we have to highlight one of these free suites surely FactuSOL is in all pools, and is that the development of the Andalusian company Software DELSOL is already one of the most used billing programs in Spain, for its simplicity, its intuitive interface, its integration and a power to match the greats of the sector.

You control your customers and your business at the click of a button: how FactuSOL works

The truth is that one of the main credentials of FactuSOL is that it is ready to run from the cradle, it is enough to download it from the official website and install it, no more complex configurations in huge databases or anything like that.

But do not worry, because the functionality is not fun with simplicity, and that is that the program it's a complete suite room of accounting tools that will help us manage our business without complications.

In fact, with FactuSOL you can manage several companies at once, with the ability to handle them without problems in the same database, intuitively learning with total control of the needs and data entered.

factusol office management

This software is capable of allowing us control the entire buying and selling cycle of our companies, being able to register all the entrances and exits, as well as keep a stock in the best way contributing to the proper functioning of a warehouse.

The administration of all data is simple, and a couple of hours will be enough to get the mens of the different tools, which even allow bulk billing saving time and avoiding discomfort. You can even carry the daily box, make and print checks or pay agent commissions.

And if this were not enough, the application handles a complete report generator in different formats including PDF or XLS and with different templates that we can customize, further automating the issuance of information to mail managers or other recipients.

factusol customer management

More value added with different contracting modalities

The developer also offers technical support with telephone or email attention, updates a day, and training with classroom courses, webinars Free or specific training provided by experts goes by telephone.

Starting to use FactuSOL is completely free, although We can hire different service packs at quite attractive prices, designed to expand the value of the software with more features and options:

  • Digital: The most basic pack includes all FactuSOL features with its updates. It costs 160 a year.
  • Standard: the standard modality adds technical support by email, access to the online support center as well as the availability of the ATENEA virtual assistant. It costs 205 a year.
  • Professional: If we opt for the professional package, we also have immediate telephone support, an essential tool to avoid annoying waiting for problems with the software. It costs 330 a year.
  • lite: This is the safest way to hire FactuSOL, with all the tools, updates and support, including further assistance for configuring local networks in the company. It costs 445 a year.

Definitely a suite room of essential applications in the company, available for free so we can test them and make sure they are what we need, and with packages premium very attractive In a market with many options.

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