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Looxie allows you to request photos from people anywhere in the world


Looxie is a new app that has the great idea of ??putting together to people from any part of the world with our basic need to have us take a picture of a specific place.

That is, we drop a request in the app so that we take a picture of the Norwegian fjords and a nearby user in the area goes there and does it from the camera of his mobile. This is the central idea of ??this app that comes with the desire to propose other different things.

Request photos from people anywhere on the planet

That is, if we want to know how busy it is is a famous bar in the area, we can open the app and have someone take a picture for us. Or simply confirm that the beach where we are going to go on vacation does not have that plague of algae announced on TV and that we would finally not go there to take a few days of relaxation and sun.


The goal is to open Looxie, find a person, request a photo and wait for your response with a photo in hand. Apart from this main mission, you can also explore all the photos taken by all users around the world and position yourself on the map for others to find you and send you requests.

Another of Looxie's main points is that Unable to share photos for requests Come from our image gallery. That is, we have to take a photo at the moment to send it directly because Looxie does not allow access to our gallery. So either you move to get it out or you will not be able to respond to the request of the Scandinavian girl who wants to know what Trafalgar Lighthouse is like from the camera of your mobile.

A cool and curious way of understanding photo sharing

So there is no other way to take instant photos and move to take pictures in Looxie. In fact, this app becomes a good idea for travelers or for those who want to know in situ how is the center of Madrid or that busy beach on a Sunday in which it will logically be full.

The app itself is quite well designed. If we add that until August 9 you will receive all the premium features For free, the best time to try it is now. Although it is not clear how to register, since from the app it gives an error and does not give space for you to go to a registration page; we assume that they still have their problems, although if it was launched in 2016 …


The app's interface It is characterized by large images that extol those categories and the tabs that we will move to request photos or explore those that others have already done. We also have the map where we will be located and that is elegantly designed to position itself as one of the most important spaces of the app for requesting photographs of strangers through this app to share photos.

There is the side menu with its hamburger icon to pass among the most important sections like the favorite looxies, the map or those requests with those well designed spaces. As with the Google Local Guides, this app also gives you the option of becoming a reporter to be asked for photos, so don't hesitate to get the premium features for free; Of course, if you are able to find the registration page.

For the rest, a interesting proposal aimed at sharing photographs and is called Looxie. We will see if it becomes an app requested by fans of photography to pass their photos. It looks good in advance. Time will tell if it continues its course or disappears like many other creative proposals we have seen in these parts; Do not miss these apps to take pictures.

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