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Live Radio on iOS 13: steps to listen to your favorite stations

One of the many novelties that bring the new version of the iPhone operating system is the ability to listen to more than 100,000 radio stations natively without downloading applications: with Live Radio on iOS 13. Although this function does not reach the launch iOS 13 official, Apple is already testing it in some places with iOS 12. If you want to enjoy this new feature, read on because we will now tell you the steps you must follow to do so.


Live Radio on iOS 13

To get all the capabilities of the Live Radio feature, you need iOS 13. Apple is expected to publish this update in October 2019. Of course, if you don't want to wait until then, you can always download the beta version of iOS 13.

Although, as we always warned you, downloading a beta program sometimes entails some inconveniences: it can be dangerous for your data, operation without problems is not guaranteed (not all functions will be enabled or will work correctly). You can expect many drops, application incompatibility problems and the general presence of errors. However, live radio station playback seems to be working in the beta program, and your phone is unlikely to be compromised if you want to try it.

If you want to continue with iOS 12, you can try to follow these steps to see if any of your local stations work. It's not very likely, but you don't lose anything with trying. Keep in mind that it also works for your HomePod and there is no need to wait for it to update in the future, so if you have a HomePod you can try it whenever you want.


Live Radio on iOS 13

The easiest way to access Live Radio is simply by asking Siri. Because there are a number of different radio commands to which Siri can respond, such as creating radio stations from a song or a favorite playlist, it is important to be specific so that Siri knows what live station you are talking about. .

So make sure Siri is on and listening and then say, "Siri, play the radio station (name of the radio station)." I used several online partners with whom Apple is working to find this radio station, such as TuneIn, and iHeartRadio. If you want to be more sure that the radio station you like to work, you can go to one of these services and look for it.

For example, let's say you live in San Francisco and you feel like listening to some songs. Specifically, you want to hear some hits from the 80s, so you would say, "Siri, put on the 98.1 radio station The Breeze." And Siri should say something like: "Playing The Breeze, provided by TuneIn." Just remember to include the phrase "radio station" that tells Siri that you are looking for a live radio station. If the station has a name, try to include it instead of using only the station number. If Siri gets confused, try using only the name or number of the station instead of both.

Now, your iOS device is not taking advantage of radio waves to play the station. Services like TuneIn create versions of streamingof radio stations that can be played over the internet. That means listening to these stations consume your data, so keep this in mind if you have a data limit.


Live Radio on iOS 13

If you have asked Siri to play several of your favorite local radio stations and he has done so successfully, it is a very good signal. However, it is possible that after several attempts you cannot remember if a particular radio station worked or, perhaps, you found a great station but forgot what it was called after using Siri to find it. Do not worry, there is an easy way to return to the stations you have heard before.

Apple currently plays live radio through the Music App. Open this music application and go to the “Recently played”(Don't confuse it with“ Recently Added ”). The radio stations you have heard in the past should appear there: instead of the album card, you should see the name of the radio station and a logo. This allows you to quickly return to a previous station that you have already forgotten.

Keep in mind that all this is account specific, so you must remain in the same account so that the music application remembers the stations you have heard before.

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