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Lenovo wants to introduce a new Motorola tablet

The market of the tablets It has grown like foam in recent years, most manufacturers have at least a couple of models in their catalog and others like Samsung almost have a device per tenth of an inch, covering all sizes and requirements. On the other hand, one of the brands that currently has no model, and for a long time, is Motorola.

Do you remember what was the last family of Motorola tablets? That's right, the Motorola Xoom, when back in 2011 they saw the light next to the quickly abandoned Android Honeycomb. After it came the Xoom 2 and a few months ago came to light images of an alleged Xoom 3 that was never presented. After being bought by Google, hope was opened for a new Nexus tablet, but it did not happen, just as smartphones were not launched under that brand, but the Moto family was born.

Together with Lenovo, a Motorola tablet is possible

The lack of a tablet under the Motorola brand may end soon. As you all know, Google sold Motorola to Lenovo, from where they said they would not absorb it, but both would continue to work together in different markets. Now statements from the CEO of Lenovo have come to light, Yang Yuanqing, in which he says there are plans to launch a tablet with the big M.

Lenovo, in addition to the smartphone division, also has its catalog of tablets, which by the way have recently added the new Yoga 2 and Yoga 2 Pro, but that does not prevent them from also working on future Motorola tablets.

motorola tablet

Lenovo knows that the Motorola brand is especially strong in the American and European market, with a greater presence and reputation than Lenovo itself, so they could use it to enter them and try to compete with the two giants that currently dominate that sector: Apple and Samsung, which will not be easy.

Again, that double brand strategy would be present, using Lenovo or Motorola depending on the destination country of the device with such get the most attention of consumers. Now, how would this Motorola tablet be? One option is join her to the Moto family, With one or two models / sizes, sharing design points and, why not, Moto G philosophy: price adjusted with enormous performance.

Instead, another possibility would be simply share designs with Lenovo, but placing the Motorola logo, that is to say that they would be in the style of the new Yoga, powerful tablets, with quality of finishes, in several models and with some of them more focused on productivity, incorporating even a picoprojector, but this does not seem Be very much like Motorola's current style. In the words of the CEO, there is only waiting, but I would look forward to a «Moto Tablet» with the finishes and performance of the Moto X.

Via | ChinaTimes